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Infertility Treatment

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My wife, Tracy, has suffered from Polycystic Ovaries and was told she was very unlikely to be able to become pregnant.  I prescribed Chinese medicine for her and she became pregnant naturally.  When she had early signs of miscarriage, (bleeding), I used acupuncture and moxibustion and stopped the bleeding.  My wife was my first fertility patient and she went on to give birth naturally.   Our daughter Meia is now 5 years old!

When Tracy came back to work at our clinic, she mainly took care of all the fertility patients.  I took care of all other patients, but not fertility patients at that time.

We decided to home school Meia when she was about 2 years old and then Tracy stopped seeing fertility patients to stay at home with Meia and take care of the clinic’s accounts and administration.

Since then I have treated all the fertility patients in our clinic.

I am an expert in treating any kind of pain.  For the last 3 years we have had a money back guarantee for any kind of pain.  This means that all pain patients will experience instant results in their first treatment or they won’t pay for that treatment.

When receiving treatment for fertility from me, I will give you acupuncture, Chinese medicine and dietary advice.  You will experience improvement in your irregular menstrual periods, cramping, abdominal or lower back pain, loose stools or constipation during your menstrual period, irritability, PMS symptoms and  other symptoms in just a few week’s time.

I believe that every woman will be able to get pregnant naturally without the use of drugs, IUI and IVF.  We just need to get your body back in balance so that the conditions will be right for pregnancy to occur.


Please read the following story of Tracy’s experience….


Tracy’s story

Sometimes patients will ask me what interested me in this field, so I have decided to put my story here for all who might be interested.

As a student in my third year of medicine in China I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovaries.  I wish I had brought my medical records home from China with me so that I could share my FSH/LH levels etc but we had so much stuff to bring back that all non-essential items got left behind.  What I can tell you is that my symptoms were irregular periods with scanty, brown menstrual blood.  Ultrasound showed numerous cysts on each ovary (I remember the sonographer starting to count, but there were so many she just gave up and told the nurse “oh, just put numerous”).  I took my BBTs over many months and found that I was not ovulating. 

The western doctor I saw in Shanghai told me (quite coldheartedly I thought) that I probably wouldn’t be able to have children.  She advised me not to bother even thinking about conceiving naturally and to come back and see them when the time came so we could look at other options (I assume she meant ART).  She prescribed the contraceptive pill to regulate my periods in the meanwhile.  I left the clinic crying. 

Stupidly, I took the pill for a month. During that month I was woken every night with severe joint pain in my hips and knees. I thought to myself “Here I am studying chinese medicine, and I’m taking western drugs?  Crazy!”.  At that stage we hadn’t yet studied clinical medicine so I was unable to prescribe my own herbs.  I found a trusted teacher to prescribe for me and by fifth year Szenan had already taken over the prescribing.  I chose not to self-prescribe, as it is difficult to be objective, you can’t see the woods for the trees as they say.

Szenan was such a great help in keeping me grounded when my fears got away with me.  He always told me “don’t put on that hat” meaning don’t label yourself as infertile(infertility).  In spite of this and in spite of all round great improvement in my menstruation, I still had a niggling fear that we might have trouble conceiving, so before we were really completely ready to have a baby, we stopped trying not to, just in case it took a while.  I got pregnant straight away.

Some may say that I was never infertile, as I didn’t ever try and fail to get pregnant, however if you look back at my symptoms (irregular periods with scanty, brown menstrual blood, no ovulation) it is clear that had I tried to get pregnant back then, I surely would have failed. 

I hope my story inspires those who read it to have faith in their bodies ability to heal itself and regain fertility.  It also explains just why I was always so interested in gynaecology and fertility, selfish reasons originally I’m afraid!  In saying that, I think just having been there and knowing what it feels like to fear infertility has made me so truly want to help others and I really take each case to heart.  I am so excited each time one of my ladies tells me she is pregnant! 

Here is a picture of the baby I supposedly couldn’t have when she was few days old:

And here she is on her first birthday:

What is the best advice I was given and can pass on to you??   Don’t put on that “infertility” hat!!!!

We take pride in delivering world-class service to all of our customers.

Read what some of our satisfied clients have said about us!

I am now 24 weeks pregnant through a miracle natural pregnancyntiscarriage

2 failed IVF treatments and now 24 weeks pregnant after follow infertility diet and acupuncture and CHinese medicine treatments for Infertility

I am now 24 weeks pregnant through a miracle natural pregnancy which I credit largely to Tracy.  read more...

Pregnant after 2 month of Chinese Medicine and Stopped Bleeding to Prevent Miscarriage

It was unbelievable! I found myself pregnant after one month. Nothing can describe how happy we were. However the pregnancy was not going very well at the beginning. I started slightly bleeding from my underbody after a week.


Got pregnant naturally in the second month after acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine at Centre of Balance Hamilton

I saw Tracy weekly for acupuncture and herbs and we got pregnant naturally in the second month of seeing her! A miracle!


Successfully pregnant after acupuncture treatments with IUI in Hamilton

I started treatment with Szenan just after my first round of IUI. This first round was unsuccessful and I carried on with the acupuncture in preparation for the next round. The second treatment has been successful and we can finally look forward to our first child. We are extremely happy and thankful that we went to try acupuncture.  read  more...

Fell pregnant in under 3 months with acupuncture and Chinese medicine treatments for infertility

Not all acupuncturists are equal!

My husband and I had been trying to fall pregnant for 3 years... I fell pregnant in under three months. Completely naturally and at the age of 39. The treatment and support I received was fantastic - our highest praise to this clinic.  read more...

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine help body balance and increase fertility chance

I truly believe that Chinese medicine helped get my body back into balance and increased our chances, I credit Tracy for her excellence skills, advice and support along the way.


Seccessfully Pregnant After 6 Months of Fertility Acupuncture Treatment And Chinese Medicine

I truly believe that Chinese medicine helped get my body back into balance and increased our chances, I credit Tracy for her excellence skills, advice and support along the way.


Acupuncture treatments for IVF treatment

I firmly believe that Tracy’s treatments before the cycle, getting my body ready and my cycle stable, as well as her involvement on the day contributed to my successful pregnancy.

read more....

Acupuncture treatments for IVF cycle

This was our fourth IVF cycle and 8th embryo transfer - I really feel acupuncture is worth a try for anybody considering it  read more...

Gestational Diabetes

I asked Tracy to help get my body ready for the induction (which I was dreading), hoping to go into labour myself or at least have a less horrendous experience.  Tracy was fantastic...I ended up going into labour 2 days before the induction date.  The labour was relatively quick and I had a lovely waterbirth with no pain relief, drips...  which is very uncommon for someone with gestational diabetes. 


Acupuncture Pre-birth treatments

My faith in natural child-birth has been restored and for that I am eternally grateful. I would highly recommend Tracy to anyone who is passionate about wanting to birth a baby naturally. read more...

Acupuncture Pre-birth treatments make your birth like heaven

Compared to my other births this was heaven.  The techniques you gave me really did work.  read more...

If you are looking for infertility treatments in Hamilton, NZ. Please call Centre Of Balance Hamilton and book an appointment on 07-855 7115 NOW or email us.

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