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Back Pain Vs Massage Therapy at Centre of Balance Hamilton 

By Chirag Sojitra 14/05/2012

Back pain is one of the most common complaints heard by doctors today. It is highly likely that you will experience some level of back pain during your life. Unfortunately, if the condition does not resolve quickly, you can end up with chronic back pain that can become difficult to treat. The good news is that regular massage treatments can help you manage your back pain and lead a healthier life.

How can massage therapy helps in back pain?

Back pain can be a difficult condition to treat. Often, the cause is related to a postural or repetitive stress on the body. Fortunately, regular massage  therapy treatments can help identify which muscles are tight and begin to dissolve this tension to provide relief.

If you dealing with other massage therapist in other massage centre, they may tell you that your back pain may be necessary to have several massage therapy treatments before you have sustainable relief of your back pain. In Centre of Balance Hamilton, we are back pain expert, we guarantee you will get immediate results in your first massage treatment.  Our well-trained massage therapists (Chirag and Polly) as well as acupuncturist can easily give you instant results in your first visit or your money back. Consult with your our therapist for the proper frequency of treatment best suited to your condition.

When treating back pain, it is advisable for you to use several methods of massage together to enhance your recovery in other clinic. Often, experienced massage therapist will have trained in several styles of massage technique allowing them to use a variety of techniques to help your back pain, our acupuncture-massage therapists have also trained in acupressure points, we find our unique point massage is the best way to relief back pain, better than any of the massage method that we have been used in the past.

Here are some well-know styles of massage therapy that can be beneficial for back pain:

Swedish massage for back pain:

Swedish massage can be an excellent way to start treatment for back pain. The relaxing oil-based massage can release of many of the surface muscles and decrease the emotional stress that may be contributing to your back pain condition.

Deep tissue massage for back pain:
Deep tissue massage is commonly used in conjunction with Swedish massage to work the deeper muscles of the back. Hard compression and cross fiber friction can be applied to your back muscles to break up any adhesions or scar tissue that may be causing your back pain.

Trigger point therapy for back pain:
Trigger point therapy can be used to release muscles in your back that are in spasm. By applying steady pressure on the knots in your muscles, you can “reset” the muscle and release the spasm. This will allow fresh blood and nutrients to flow through the area and promote healing. Trigger Point therapy is excellent at correcting postural imbalances of muscles, a common cause of back pain.

Unique Acu-point massage therapy for back pain: This type of massage treatment is the best for back pain, we never apply any pressure or touch the back pain area, simply find out the tenderness acu-point above the back pain area right next to spine and by applying steady pressure on the tenderness spots for only 3 seconds X 3 time, then you will get immediate pain relief or increase the mobility of lower back or upper back. This is one of the reason why we are the only back pain clinic offer 100% money back guarantee in your first visit in Hamilton.  

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