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Massage Therapy

We provide a wide range of massages for local Hamilton people, we hope you have a better health through massage treatments at Centre of Balance in Hamilton. 

Do you feel tired?

Do you suffer from body pain and aches?

Do you feel stress?

Massage therapy at Centre of Balance Hamilton is the perfect place of antidote to pain, aches and stress.

Our massage treatments may calm the mind, help the emotions, reduce pain and relax muscles.

You can get these benefits of massage from the therapist at Centre of Balance Hamilton,

  1. Reduce pain , such as back pain, neck pain, sciatica, shoulder pain, rotator cuff and headache or migraines;

  2. Improve range of movement;

  3. Reduce cramping and spasms;

  4. Enhance immunity by stimulating lymph flow the body natural defense system;

  5. Helps depression, anxiety and stress;

  6. Enhanced sleep quality;

  7. Improve energy.

  8. Improved concentration,

  9. Increased circulation;

  10. 10.Reduced fatigue.

We promote physical and mental wellness for Hamilton people through a range of holistic treatments including:

  1. Relaxation : Quietly remedial and meditative, a rhythmic massage that relieves, restores and calms body and mind.

  2. Deep tissue massage : During full body deep tissue massage your skilled therapist will ensure added attention is given to areas needing remedial work. A restorative, deep massage that relieves tension and corrects body imbalances.

  3. Sport massage: For pre/post event or maintenance. A loosening sport massage that can improve your range of motion and muscle flexibility, reducing the risk of sport injury. Remedial and deep in nature this intensive massage incorporates stretching techniques for added relief. You may read more about sport massage article, please click

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  1. Indian Head Massage: A seated massage concentrating on the upper back, shoulders, arms, neck and head. Experience deep relaxation as we release your tension. Treatment includes gentle touch point therapy on the face to relieve sinus pressure. Read more about Indian head massage.

  1. Swedish Massage: Swedish Massage is the most common and best-known type of massage in the West. If it's your first time at the spa or you don't get massage very often, Swedish massage is the perfect place to start. We found a lot of Hamilton people like Swedish massage.

  2. Upper Body: Relaxation or Deep tissue. A comprehensive back, neck and shoulder massage relieves tension and stiffness.

  3. Lymphatic massage : A deeply healing massage to assist with the removal of toxins from the body and stimulate the circulatory system. Popular with sports people, Lymphatic massage is perfect for anyone wanting to maintain their health.

  4. Chinese Immune Supporting Massage : If you work in the office in Hamilton, this massage is ideal for office workers sitting in front of a computer all day and heaven for people with a stiff and sore neck, aching shoulders or a tense back. We use a massage technique developed in Shanghai to work away the troubles of the day and breathing techniques to expel toxins, leaving you feeling relaxed and amazing. Note: This massage is not suitable for pregnant women

  5. Chinese Oil Immune Supporting Massage with Walking Cup : The massage for the stressed among us, this treatment uses our specially formulated herbal massage oil and unique Shanghainese massage techniques to relax every tight muscle and tendon. Walking Cups* further balance and stimulate – your aching muscles are no match for this treatment.

  1. *Walking Cup is a cupping technique where oil is applied to the skin followed by a small plastic cup. Suction is used to apply the cup to the back, sucking in the skin. It is then gently guided up and down the back, stimulating your tissue. Walking Cup is a comfortable sensation, and while you will not experience pain it is common for the cups to leave marks and slight bruises up and down your back where the cup has “walked”. Note: This massage is not suitable for pregnant women

Our Practitioners

Chirag Sojitra, Physiotherapy, Acupuncturist, Hamilton

Chirag Sojitra (B. Physiotherapy, M.D acupuncture and Manual Therapy, Member of NZASA, ACC Treatment Provider.)

Chirag has completed Bachelor of Physiotherapy, M.D in acupuncture and manual therapy from India. Chirag was working as a physiotherapist in one of the public hospitals of India, which is recognized as the biggest hospital of Asia, where he worked as a chief physiotherapist in P-ICCU (Paediatric- Intensive Cardiac Care Unit) for a year. He also gained an experience in general conditions using both physiotherapy and acupuncture skills. He excels in sports injury, orthopedic conditions, pain management, musculoskeletal etc.

Chirag studied Manual therapy under Prof. Umasankar Mohanty, who is the president of IAP (Indian association of the physiotherapist) Chirag has excellent skills in treating the joints pain using manual therapy.

Massages available with Chirag include:  Deep tissue, relaxation, Indian head massage, upper body, sport, lymphatic drainage, hot stone massage, Chinese immune supporting massage (with walking cup).

Chinese physician Polly Mitrakul has been working in NZ for the past 3years, after spending more than three years working at Chandrakasem Rajabhat University as an instructor and practitioner of Chinese medicine.  During this time she also held a post as advisor to the Chinese Medical Association of Thailand.  Polly excels in the treatment of musculoskeletal complaints such as back pain, neck pain, sciatica etc. 

Massages available with Polly include: Relaxation, Chinese immune supporting massage (with walking cup), fertility and preconception massage

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