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Massage therapy helps stress Centre of Balance Hamilton 

Massage therapy helps stress in Hamilton

By Chirag Sojitra 26/05/2012

How massage helps in management of stress?

The physical effects either way are very real and can contribute to stress in the first place or make the stress that is already present worse. Excessive stress on the body and mind is detrimental to health. Deep tissue massage is a hands-on therapy that can alleviate the build up of stress in the muscles, which in turn can prevent stress or lessen its effects on our well being if already present in the body.

Deep tissue massage unsticks the fibers that make up our muscles. The massage releases tension by applying pressure and friction along the muscle to break down adhesions in the connective tissue and restore range of movement. Deep tissue massage flushes out toxins, breaks up scar tissue and helps the body relax which means treatment can be both therapeutic and corrective. By concentrating on the deep layers of muscles, deep tissue massage releases chronic muscle tension that can be the cause of stress.

What is Stress?

Stress is your body’s way of responding to a physical or emotional demand.  Everyone experiences increased stress levels at one time or another.  In fact, the body’s ability to react to stressful situations and deal with threats is critical to our survival.  However, when one is under long term stress caused by ongoing situations such as work or family problems, financial concerns, etc. The body will be in a constant heighten state – a state which has harmful effects on many bodily systems including the immune system, cardiovascular system, endocrine system, reproductive system, etc.

Management of stress.

Massage can make you feel good physically which is highly beneficial for health and well being both emotionally and psychologically. When the muscles are stressed, oxygen and nutrients can build up which causes an inflammatory effect and a backlog of toxins within the muscle tissue. Muscles can’t function properly under these circumstances and begin to feel sore and aching. The tension gets to a point where it affects our ability to cope raising stress levels ever higher. Massage loosens muscles and helps to increase oxygen and blood circulation. Once normal function is restored, toxins can be flushed from the body, which reduces inflammation and tension.

When treating stress, massage has proved to be an extremely beneficial part of Stress Management. Systematic, rhythmical rubbing and manipulation of the muscles is one of the oldest forms of pain relief. Massage can affect the nervous system and calm the body’s natural fight or flight responses by reducing harmful stress hormones. Massage also stimulates the lymphatic flow around the body. This flow affects tissue drainage and the immune system.

Tense muscles are also prone to injury, which can cause a build up of scar tissue. Scar tissue is the body’s protection against further damage but it can restrict movement and immobilize smaller muscle groups. The toxins present in our environment and lead to irritation and inflammation in the body can also increase scar tissue. The knock on effect to this is that the body produces more lactic acid in the muscles causing them to become sore and painful. Regular deep tissue massage can break down scar tissue and restore circulation enabling the muscles to move freely.

Massage therapy is said to successfully treat both physical pain and mental dilemma. Therapists often partake in studies concerning what body parts correspond to what emotions. Different tissues, muscles and areas of the body, once massaged, can cause relief in the mind. Therapeutic massage can effectively relieve stress, depression, anxiety and unhappiness. In addition, therapeutic massage can successfully heal several bodily ailments. There are a wide variety of techniques associated with therapeutic massage. Many certified therapists also offer this calming and emotionally liberating massage technique. Many individuals may additionally partake in meditation and yoga along with massage therapy sessions as a way to calm the body and mind and bring about positive change.

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