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Acupuncture fixed Dizziness/Vertigo/Menier's Disease Treatment Testimonial

Jessie Dizziness Testimonial

Instant relief dizziness in first visit

Acupuncture fixed vertigo/dizzy spell within 8 treatment session

I have struggled with Vertigo for over 6 months but it was becoming a lot more often - 2-3 attacks in a week.  So my first step was to go to my local doctor and he gave me some tablets for when an attack happens, and referred me to the hospital for an appointment.  As the year passed I heard nothing.  So my next stop was to get my ears checked and cleaned to try to rule that out.

My first attack was a scary moment.  I did not know what was happening.  I felt really good but then when I went to move my heart was racing and I was real hot and sweaty.  My vision went blurry, I felt nauseous and too weak to move.  These attacks become more and more frequent.  Then one night at work I had another real bad attack and everyone watching was very concerned for me.  It really scared me and after it passed I felt really weak.   I got to the stage where I was too scared to go into town or do long car trips.  I lost a bit of confidence to go alone just in case it happened.


My son went and did an acupuncture course a few weeks earlier and I was asking questions about if that would help.  He said, “Mum, give it a go, you’ve got nothing to lose, and it would only help.”


So I found Szenan’s clinic by google and made my first appointment.  I was a bit nervous, but it went really well apart from a lot of “ouches” and moans.  I felt a lot better at every treatment.   I went to 8 appointments and I have had no more attacks and am feeling a lot better and healthier and feel good.  Those wheat bags feel so good.  I feel so good in myself, thanks for your help.


Many thanks 

Jane Muggeridge

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