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Bell's palsy treatment testimonial

One weekend, I mysteriously woke up with the left half of my face drooping.  My eye could not completely shut, my mouth dropped down when I tried to smile, and my speech was slurred.  Diagnosed by a medical doctor as having facial palsy (paralysis), or, more specifically, Bell's Palsy, I was of course concerned.  I talked with others who had had similar experiences, and, on their suggestions, made an appointment with Szenan Phua to see if he could possibly help.

He began acupuncture treatments, and a regimen of directed heat and Chinese herbal medicines.  After about 2-3 weeks, I began to show signs of improvement, much to my astonishment.  I must say that Centre of Balance Chinese Medicine Clinic is a calming place, and that Szenan and Tracy are clearly both healers:  they  bring to their calling a professionalism and empathy that immediately put one at ease.  As well, my facial paralysis was completely reversed--with no speech slurring, no drooping--after about 2 months!  Amazing.  I was extremely impressed, and grateful, for their help.

Best wishes,

Bob R, Ph.D.

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