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Ectopic Pregnancy Seccess Treated by Chinese Herbs in Hamilton

I was diagnosed by doctors with having an ectopic pregnancy when I was 6.5 weeks pregnant. My symptoms included a continuous headache, dizziness when standing, occasional shortness of breath, sharp pains and bleeding. My pregnancy hormone level had slowly increased from 320 through to 440 over the period of a week, which indicates an ectopic pregnancy, and a scan had confirmed material in my right fallopian tube.

The doctors gave me two options for treatment. One was surgery in which I would lose the right fallopian tube. The other was a drug, Methotrexate. Although the drug had the benefit of saving my tube, it had several disadvantages. One was that there was a 15% chance I would need two doses of it and a 7% chance that it wouldn’t work and I would still need the surgery. Another disadvantage was the possible side effects which included a chance of mouth ulcers and hair loss, in addition to common side effects such as pains and headaches. A third disadvantage was the fact that it would not immediately remove the risk that my fallopian tube would burst – a risk that is life threatening.

If I had taken the Methorexate, after 4 days I would have had follow-up blood tests to check that my pregnancy hormone level was decreasing. A promising result would have been a drop of approximately 15% from 440 to 374. I would have then been monitored until the levels dropped all the way back to 0, a process which could take a couple of months (unless surgery was required sooner).

However, I instead chose to discharge myself from hospital and follow a treatment of herbs prescribed by Tracy. I allowed 4 days for the treatment to work before going back to hospital for a follow up. My hormone level had dropped to 90. This is a drop of 79.55%, which was much better than the 15% drop that the Methotrexate was expected to produce. Furthermore, I experienced no bad side effects. In fact, the headaches and dizziness reduced almost immediately, and the pains and bleeding had substantially subsided within the four days.

I therefore would totally recommend that women with an ectopic pregnancy visit Tracy before trying either of the options commonly offered by doctors. The herbs I was given worked very effectively, reducing the dangers of ectopic pregnancy faster than the drug promoted by doctors.  

Naomi S.   

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