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Depression Treatment Testimonial in Hamilton

Five years ago, because of the problems with my business, I suffered from fatigue, migraines and asthma. I was unhappy, just wanted to cry all the time and couldn’t sleep well at all. Finally, I was diagnosed with clinical depression and had to take anti-depressants.

During the period when I took anti-depressants, Szenan Phua warned my daughter of the side effects of taking anti-depressants, like anxiety.  He also mentioned that many people taking anti-depressants develop suicidal tendencies.  However, my daughter didn’t tell me about it at that time.

After taking anti-depressants and sleeping pills for several months, I took a rope and climbed up high to hang myself. Fortunately, my eldest son’s girlfriend just happened to come home and found me, she was able to prevent me from making a stupid mistake.

After that, I stopped all western medicines without any hesitation and only took Chinese herbal medicine prescribed by Szenan Phua.  Meanwhile, I received much support and love from my family. 

After taking Chinese herbal medicine for about one year I was completely recovered. Now it has been five years since I suffered from depression. Szenan Phua not only cured me of depression but also of asthma. Now, I take Chinese medicine whenever I have a cold. It usually takes just one or two days to get well.  I feel the results of traditional Chinese medicine are very good and thus, recommend Szenan Phua to all.

GL  Khoo 14/04/2011

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