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Ulcerative Colitis Testimonial of Chinese Medicine Treatment in Hamilton

Testimonial of Chinese Medicine Treatment For Ulcerative Colitis

I was clinically diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis at aged 30, although in hindsight had probably suffered minor symptoms from age 20. 

With a family history of Ulcerative Colitis, my Father also diagnosed aged 30, he spent 19 years ‘controlling it’ on steroid medications, (Prednisone), (fraught with side effects), to eventually arrive at bowel cancer and complete bowel removal at 50 years of age.  Seven years on from that, he is still living with the nasty effects of Steroid use. I expected to take a similar path.

Prior to being seen to by Szenan Phua at Centre of Balance, I had for the past 5 years, controlled the Ulcerative Colitis with maintenance Asprin based medication, ‘Asacol’ and ‘Pentasa’, local and oral applications, upping the dosage at ‘flareups’. It would take 2 weeks of a high dosage to clear a ‘flareup’.  The medication use required 3 monthly blood tests primarily to check for renal damage. 

On my last two Specialist Gastroenterologist visits, I was advised it necessary to change to ‘prednisone’ due to the increasing severity of flare-ups, I refused. 


I first went to Szenan in August 09 with acute symptoms.  I am not exaggerating when I say that within two to three days of taking Chinese Herbal medicine, all obvious symptoms had subsided. 

Although I have since experienced periods of exhaustion & stress, where I would normally have expected a ‘flareup’ to occur, I have not suffered a ‘bout’ to date.

I find it absolutely astounding that 8 years under specialist care and advise, having something ‘incurable’, which can only at best be ‘maintained’ on long term medications, that deems me virtually uninsurable (a pre-cancerous condition), and during a bout of it, dictates your daily life and routines, was treated to easily and safely.  AND I believe it may never return.  If it ever did, I certainly know what treatment I’d prefer! 

Szenan, what you do is amazing!

People need to know about this! Seriously



Case study of ulcerative colitis

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