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Miscarriage treatment testimonial

A real story of our baby, pregnant after 2 month of Chinese Medicine and Stopped Bleeding to Prevent Miscarriage

It was unbelievable! I found myself pregnant after one month. Nothing can describe how happy we were. However the pregnancy was not going very well at the beginning. I started slightly bleeding from my underbody after a week. We called in Dr. Phua immediately. He asked me to relax and gave me some moxa sticks to fume a part of my feet for stopping the blood, and this way did work. I was bleeding less and less and finally stopped bleeding at all.


Finally, my baby was born 26 November, 2011. It’s a boy baby and weighed 2.93kg. 

In my eyes, Szenan is the guardian angel from the God. We are thankful for the God to kindle the light of life again and we are also thankful for Szenan to enable us to enjoy the love of family.


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