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Miscarriage Treatment Testimonial

My name is Meimei Hong and I’m 35 years old. I’m from Selangor, Malaysia.

Due to my ignorance of healthy and well-balanced diet, and poor knowledge about nutrition, I have been in poor health for a long time.

I got married in 2007 and my husband and I planned to have a baby the next year. However, our desire was not fulfilled. We had to see doctors and get treatments from both Chinese medicine and western medicine, but still there wasn’t much improvement. This problem troubled us for many years. Sometimes, we have to face some oral “concern” and “suggestion” from friends and family members. Luckily, my husband and family members showed me their understanding. But I still don’t want to be an elderly primipara.

In January 2010, I became pregnant successfully. However, foetal distress was found during the clinical check when I was pregnant for 3 months. I was told that I had to give up the baby, otherwise, it did harm to me. This was simply a bombshell to me. The light of life which I was looking forward for such a long time died out in a moment. At that time, my heart dropped to the deepest bottom and it seemed that a knife was piercing my heart. How could I accept the cruel reality? That night, my husband and I went to see a Chinese medicine doctor from Taiwan as a last and desperate resort. He suggested us to give up the baby as my pulse became very weak and I even began to bleed. The next morning, my husband and I went to see another doctor (western medicine), and the report of the doctor was the same that I should give up. Desperately, with great regret, I abandoned my flesh and bone in operation room. It took me a long time to recover my weak body and my spiritual wounds. 

The next year, I was pregnant again. Because of the previous experience, we paid much more attention to diet and living preparing for the new life. Everything was fine until a Saturday when I was pregnant about 3 months. On that day, my husband happened to teach scriptures in a temple. At the beginning, I just felt uncomfortable, but later, I saw red and it became more and more. I felt worried and called my husband and go to visit the doctor.

On the way to the hospital, my sister called me that my cousin Szenan Phua came to Malaysia from New Zealand and she suggested me to see him firstly. Thus,we went back home and called to see whether Szenan was at home. However, his sister told me that he was sleeping as he was too tired for long traveling. But when they learnt my story, without any hesitation, they woke up Szenan to visit me. 

Firstly, Szenan felt my pulse, and then did acupuncture and moxa anise grass. After three days of treatments and taking Chinese medicine, I felt much better. Although I still felt dizzy, and had nausea, vomiting and eating disorders, I felt much better after treatments with Szenan. I did suffer from some physical pains (when did acupuncture), but there wasn’t any side effects. Compared with western medicine, Chinese medicine not only works well but was cheap. And in any case, Chinese medicine pays particular attention to regulate the whole body, while western medicine only addresses symptoms but not root causes.

Two weeks later, Szenan and his family went back to New Zealand. But we still kept in touch by email. I continuously follow his instruction and prescription. Finally, my baby was born 26 November, 2011. It’s a boy baby and weighed 2.93kg. All of my family are very happy.

People always say that kid is the best gift from the God. In my eyes, Szenan is the guardian angel from the God. We are thankful for the God to kindle the light of life again and we are also thankful for Szenan to enable us to enjoy the love of family. Thanks to Szenan’s treatment skills, which make our lives happier and thanks to his medical ethics, which make our lives meaningful. For your great kindness, we are unable to express our gratitude.

May your spirit of great love emit light and heat for ever and benefit more people!

Doctor Phua, we thank you so much and wish you the very best!

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