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Pregnant after 2 month of Chinese Medicine and Stopped Bleeding to Prevent Miscarriage

A real story ofour baby.

My name is Caryn Chunyan He. I came to New Zealand in 2009. Then quickly I was pregnant in November 2009, but unfortunately we were told the baby’s heart bits stopped at 9 weeks. Certainly that was a shock for both my husband and me. Ihad a dilation & curettage operation after the miscarriage.

After a year we decided to try to have another one, so from January 2011 we started working on it. However, we tried seven months but still couldn’t be successful. By watching other parents holding their babies made me really upset those days. One day one of my friends said to me: ‘why don’t you try Doctor Phua at The Centre of Balance?’

That was the first time I heard about Dr. Phua and his clinic ---- The Centre of Balance. I thought that I have no other options left so better give it a go. Then we visited Dr. Phua in August 2011. He is such a nice person that very patient to listen to our story and asked some questions. As what he told us the reason I couldn’t get myself pregnant is from my last D & C operation. There is still blood trace in my body. So at the end of our first appointment Dr. Phua prescribed some Chinese medicines for us. The next couple of weeks I kept taking Dr. Phua’s medicines by following the instruction. After a month when we went back to visit him, he felt the pulse for me and then told me that it should be the time for me to try to get pregnant now.

It was unbelievable! I found myself pregnant after one month. Nothing can describe how happy we were. However the pregnancy was not going very well at the beginning. I started slightly bleeding from my underbody after a week. We called in Dr. Phua immediately. He asked me to relax and gave me some moxa sticks to fume a part of my feet for stopping the blood, and this way did work. I was bleeding less and less and finally stopped bleeding at all.

Now our baby Harris Siyuan Li has been eight months old and as our point of view, Dr. Phua saved Harris’ life twice. We are really impressed and grateful for Dr. Phua’s character and medical skills, and we wish more girls who have the same problems with me can be healed by him in the future….

Caryn Chunyan He  2012

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