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Do You Suffer From Period Pain(Dysmenorrhea) ?

Do You Suffer From Period Pain(Dysmenorrhea) ?

100% Money Back Guarantee*

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Dysmenorrhea treatment only available at Centre of Balance-Hamilton,

Waikato, New Zealand.

Testimonial : Good afternoon Szenan, I now have my period and with

hardly any stomach cramps!! Thank you!! I did not get moody before

my period and Thomas said thank you to you too!  from Lucille,

email received on 12/12/2012

To women who have painful menstruation - Suffer no longer!!!

Do you ever have such bad cramps that you can’t do anything at all?


After visiting Centre of Balance and using our specially formulated

Chinese herbal medicine and Acupuncture, women who previously

suffered incapacitating menstrual pain said “It was amazing, I don’t

feel any pain during my period at all anymore” and “I can do normal

work during my period without any pain, it is great!!”.

We understand that you still worry whether it will really work for you.

Here is our promise to you:  If you come in with period pain and you don’t see any results* in your first visit, we will give your money back. That is how confident we are!!

Do you want to get rid of period pain?

To get rid of period pain,  Call Centre of Balance and book an appointment on 07-855 7115 now or email to  

*results is defined as a reduction in pain - your condition may not be completely resolved in one or two months, some cases may require longer treatment.

Research into the effectiveness of acupuncture for dysmenorrhea


2.   Kiran G, Gumusalan Y, Ekerbicer HC, Kiran H, Coskun A, Arikan DC. (2013) A randomized pilot study of acupuncture treatment for primary dysmenorrhea. Eur J Obstet Gynecol Reprod Biol. Jul;169(2):292-5.

3.   Witt CM, Reinhold T, Brinkhaus B, Roll S, Jena S, Willich SN. (2012) Acupuncture in patients with dysmenorrhea: a randomized study on clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness in usual care. Am J Obstet Gynecol. 2008 Feb;198(2):166.

4.   Smith CA, Zhu X, He L, Song J. (2011) Acupuncture for primary dysmenorrhoea. Acupuncture for primary dysmenorrhoea. Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2011 Jan 19;(1)


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