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Bell’s Palsy / Facioplegia / Facial Paralysis / Pain Paralysis 

What is Bell’s Palsy / Facioplegia / Facial Paralysis / Pain Paralysis?

Bell’s Palsy is characterized by a sudden onset of unilateral facial muscle paralysis charactrized by muscle weakness and a distorted facial expression. This occurs as a result of trauma, compression experience an inability to close the eye. This key symptom is the easiest way to diagnose which side of the body is affected. or sick. It is more accurate to diagnose the sick side by looking at the eye, rather that looking at distortions of the mouth.

To prevent permanent damage or blindness, it is imperative to address eye issues first. If the correct acupuncture points have been chosen, the patient will show a marked improvement in their ability to close the eye. With Dr Tan’s acupuncture balance method, the eyelid should close at least halfway by the end of the treatment. 

What can Western doctor do for you?

Unfortunately, western doctor has not got any method or medications that can quickly improve Bell’s palsy symptom. There are no medications specifically approved to treat Bell’s palsy. Steroid medications(corticosteroids) are the only treatment for Bells palsy. Steroid medications are the final answer to any disease when western doctor does not know what to do.

What is the best treatment for Bell’s palsy?

Acupuncture 1,2,3 is one of the best acupuncture method to get Bell’s palsy recover fast. Patient will see the improvement in the first treatment. Eye may be able to close properly within 5 acupuncture session normally, then mouth can drink and eat properly within 15 treatments. Every case is different, it may take more than 15 acupuncture treatments or less to get completely better.

What other treatment for eye problems from facial nerve disorder?

Patients with facial nerve paralysis have difficulty keeping their eye closed because the muscles which close the eye cannot work. Serious complications can occur if the cornea of the eye becomes too dry.

Treatment consists of:

  1. protective glasses which can prevent dust from entering the eye;
  2. manual closure of the eye with a finger to keep it moist -- patients should use the back of their finger rather than the tip to insure that the eye is not injured;
  3. artificial tears or ointments to help keep the eye lubricated;
  4. taping or patching the eye closed with paper tape while asleep; and
  5. in cases in which recovery is incomplete, a temporary or permanent narrowing of the eye opening (tarsorrhaphy) may be necessary.

Bob R had his successful acupuncture for Bell’s Palsy at Centre of Balance Hamilton.

One weekend, I mysteriously woke up with the left half of my face drooping.  My eye could not completely shut, my mouth dropped down when I tried to smile, and my speech was slurred.  Diagnosed by a medical doctor as having facial palsy (paralysis), or, more specifically, Bell's Palsy, I was of course concerned.  I talked with others who had had similar experiences, and, on their suggestions, made an appointment with Szenan Phua to see if he could possibly help.

He began acupuncture treatments, and a regimen of directed heat and Chinese herbal medicines.  After about 2-3 weeks, I began to show signs of improvement, much to my astonishment.  I must say that Centre of Balance Chinese Medicine Clinic is a calming place, and that Szenan and Tracy are clearly both healers:  they  bring to their calling a professionalism and empathy that immediately put one at ease.  As well, my facial paralysis was completely reversed--with no speech slurring, no drooping--after about 2 months!  Amazing.  I was extremely impressed, and grateful, for their help.

Best wishes,

Bob R, Ph.D.

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