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PMS (Pre-menstrual syndrome) Testimonial 

PMS (Pre-menstrual syndrome) 

Testimonial : Good afternoon Szenan, I now have my period and with hardly any stomach cramps!! Thank you!! I did not get moody before my period and Thomas said thank you to you too!  from Lucille, email received on 12/12/2012


         Pre-menstrual syndrome is a catch all phrase describing abnormal signs and symptoms many women experience prior to the onset of menses. Women might experience some or all of the following symptoms:

          o Bloating

          o Constipation

          o Diarrhea

          o Extreme mood swings

          o Irritability

          o Extreme fatigue

          o Sleep disturbance

          o Agitation

          o Depression

          o Headache

          o Joint pain

          o Edema

          o Skin problems

          o Worsening of asthma

          o Seizures

    Most women experience only some of the above symptoms, and may not experience these symptoms every month.

    Western Science medical theory states that if no other physiological condition is present to account for any of the above symptoms, then the symptoms are assumed to be normal manifestations of hormonal fluctuations. This is a far cry from the accepted view in the Fifties and early Sixties that if a woman had any problems associated with her menstrual cycle, she was not a natural woman, i.e. she was not content with her lot in life and needed psychological counseling for her PMS. Unfortunately, while both the earlier and more recent views are not correct, the earlier view is closer to the mark. I don't mean that women can cure their PMS by becoming 1950 model housewives, but that PMS is not a normal state for women. If a woman's body is in balance, she should not experience PMS. In fact, PMS is an important symptom to the Traditional Chinese Practitioner. PMS tells us that Stagnation of Liver Qi caused by Toxins may be present. Liver Qi Stagnation can lead to constipation. Liver Qi Stagnation can exert abnormal pressure on the Spleen causing fluid balance problems such as bloating, edema, diarrhea, joint problems. Liver Qi Stagnation can lead to Liver Fire Rising which produces irritability and headaches. Liver Fire Rising can worsen into Liver Yang Rising and produce extreme anger, depression and mood swings. Liver Wind (Seizures) can occur. If Toxins in the Liver can't be cleared through the stool, skin eruptions can occur or worsen. As you can see, most of the problems associated with PMS, according to Traditional Chinese Medical Theory, actually arise from imbalances in the Liver. So the question becomes, where do these imbalances come from and how do we get the Liver back into balance?



                        There are basically three ways that Liver Qi can become stagnated:

                      # TOXINS

                      # ANGER

                      # WEAK KIDNEYS

                       There are other ways that Liver Qi stagnation can occur, but I believe that the above three are the most common seen in American Women.



                       The easiest way the Liver gets out of Balance is by the Toxins we consume in our daily diets. Toxins are defined as any thing we ingest that is not natural. Most people think of additives, dyes and preservatives as toxins, and they would be correct. However, unneeded Vitamin and Mineral Supplements also become a burden to our Liver and will also be viewed in many individuals as a Toxin. Unless you are lucky enough to consume only Kosher foods, Certified Organic Foods, Range fed meats, fish from unpolluted waters, etc, you, like the vast majority of Americans are ingesting daily additives that you aren't even aware. Our fresh vegetables and fruits are sprayed, waxed and fed varieties of chemicals to force them to ripen and then hold their color and shape through picking, shipping and storage. Our animals raised for meat are given growth additives and antibiotics to get them to mature sooner and to resist diseases. Some of these growth stimulants are steroid hormones that stay with the animal all the way to the table. So this means we eat these chemicals in larger amounts than we think each day. Why is Breast Cancer growing so fast in women of the industrialized nations? (Especially America) Is there a relationship between our Country's Cancers and the hormones we ingest in our food? I believe the answer is yes, there is a connection.

                         Our body, when it should have to digest only the food we eat, has to detoxify after every meal. If we are taking Vitamins and Minerals and other supplements, the Liver has to process these added burdens as well. The Liver detoxifies the food, denaturing it for disposal through the stool or bile. If the gallbladder is not working properly and/or constipation is present, Toxins build up in the Liver ‘clogging the works’ so to speak. The Liver can't function properly. One of the important jobs of the Liver in Chinese Medical Theory is to keep Qi circulating. If the Liver isn't functioning properly, Qi stagnates. The first place it stagnates is in the Liver.



                           In Chinese Medical Theory, each Organ is associated with an emotion. Emotions are produced by dysfunction of the Organ and the Emotion itself can actually damage the organ. The emotion associated with the Liver is Anger. In our hectic society, it is very easy to become stressed. Our body is programmed to respond to stress in one of two ways—we either fight or run away. It is very difficult if you are sitting in a traffic jam at 5:30 PM, its hot and your car is over heating, horns are honking and you are late to pick up your child at daycare, not to get stressed. You can't run away and it isn't appropriate to fight. So the stress turns to anger and harms the Liver. As mentioned above, when the Liver is damaged, Qi stagnates.


Weak Kidneys

                          In Chinese Medical Theory, each Organ has a Mother and a Son. The Mother of the Liver is the Kidney. The Kidney is supposed to supply support to the Liver. However, if the Kidney becomes weak, it will actually start to drain the Liver. What hurts the Kidney is Fear, overwork, and excessive sex. Some people are born with weak Kidneys because their mother or father had depleted their Kidney by one of the above. We know when our Kidney is damaged if we suffer from fatigue, lower back pain, frequent urination, cold feet and hands. Lower back pain is an epidemic in America, and I believe this is from Kidney Deficiencies. If a woman is suffering from a Deficient Kidney, then her Liver will be affected. Qi Stagnation can then occur.



            If a woman is suffering from PMS, usually Herbal treatment is necessary to restore the body's balance. Acupuncture is needed for acute symptoms such as bloating, edema, cramping. After evaluation, the practitioner may prescribe Acupuncture and/or Herbs. Usually, the woman will need treatment through a couple of cycles. Because each woman is unique, the herbal treatment will be tailored for her symptoms. How long the treatment will take can only be determined by the woman's body. If the PMS is fairly recent and has its origins in Liver Toxins, treatment may be fairly quick, one or two cycles. If the PMS has been going on for a long time and it's origins are from Kidney Deficiency, treatment may take longer, as the Kidneys have to be restored to function as well as Liver Qi Stagnation resolved. But once the PMS symptoms are gone, it is important for the woman to understand how to prevent them from returning.

   1. Eliminate toxins as much as you can from your diet. This means decrease the amount of processed dyed, artificial, preservative food as you can. Decrease the types and amounts of unnecessary Vitamin, Mineral and supplements. In order to assist your body in eliminating the toxins you do ingest, drink plenty of Green Tea daily. This assists the Liver in detoxifying the things you ingest.

   2. Learn to deal with Stress in a positive manner. If you know you are prone to long traffic jams, adjust your routes, play motivational tapes in your car, practice breathing exercise, anything so you don't sit and stew. If you have a job or relationship that is stressful, consider your alternatives. Exercise in a manner that doesn't provoke pain or excessive tiredness can also help counter stress in our life. Yoga, Tai Chi, QI Gong, Martial Arts, swimming, etc are forms of exercises that force you to breathe properly in order to perform. Proper breathing will also help counter our body's response to stress.

           All things in moderation will prevent damage to our Kidneys. In our modern societies, fear can be a neighbor, especially when you read the papers and watch the news. Fear is very damaging to our Kidneys. A good belief system will help in overcoming fears of modern life. If our kidneys are strong, Fear is not a factor in our lives

02/07/01        Suzan Hathaway

Susan Hathaway, Ph.D., Acupuncture Physician

Chinese Traditional Medical Association

3149 North Courtenay Parkway

Merritt Island

Copied from Ni’s Acupuncture website

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