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Acupuncture For Back Pain Lower back pain and sciatic pain at Centre of Balance Hamilton

Acupuncture For Back Pain

Lower back pain and sciatic pain for 20 years

I have suffered from a bad back and sciatic problems for 20 years progressively getting worse over the last couple of years.

I have tried all forms of treatment including Physio, Chiropractic and Spiritual Healing with no long term relief for my pain.

As a last resort I tried Centre of Balance Chinese Medicine Clinic Szenan Phua. I have been going to Szenan for about 3 months and I can honestly say I am now pain free which I have not been for many years. I can now exercise and walk a distance without suffering anymore. I am now at the stage where I will go to see Szenan only when I get a niggle or two. My husband cannot believe the difference that Szenan has made to my life and I cannot thank him enough for that.

Karen A

Lower back pain

This is a testimonial about acupuncture.

Last year I ruptured another disc in my lower back resulting in severe back pain. The last ruptured disc I had left me unable to work for 2 years needless to say I was not a happy person.

I went to my osteopath and he was too scared to touch my lower back and referred me to my doctor only to receive pain medication and a 3-month wait to see an orthopaedic surgeon.

My mum suggested acupuncture with Szenan Phua and I made an appointment. I was sceptical about the acupuncture but was willing to try anything to get my back under control. I went to my appointment not knowing what to expect and was very surprised when the sharp pain in my back vanished and I walked out of there without a limp for the first time in a month. I felt like a new person. It was amazing. I could not be happier. I continued to have acupuncture with Szenan and have been able to work in Early Childcare lifting children with little or no pain. My recovery has been fantastic and Szenan has been very professional and caring.

Joyce G

Acupuncture For Back Pain

In chinese hospitals, the acupuncture department is renowned for being the department you go into horizontal and come out of vertical.  It is truly incredible just how effective acupuncture is in the treatment of back pain. In virtually all cases of acute backache, acupuncture can instantaneously relieve pain and return mobility.  For those more chronic cases, acupuncture and herbs can also be extremely helpful although it will take a little more perseverance to obtain long lasting effects.

Prevention is more important than treatment in the theory of TCM, so please remember to pay attention to your posture, get adequate rest and keep warm - no short tops and hipsters that leave your midriff showing and expose your congenital source of Qi, the kidneys!!

More testimonials--see what our happy patients say about us:

10 years chronic back injury and had operation


I have has serious back problems for nearly 10 years from previous injuries. I finally had an operation on my lower back three years ago which was not successful.

My lower back was continually painful, stiff and my right leg had developed sciatica

I have now been going to Szenan for four months. I commend his acupuncture and his advice and commend those of you who have tried the chiros, osteos, anesthetists, and back surgeons to give him a try.

I am much improved and certainly more confident that I have finally found a long term way to control the pain.

Chris H

Lower back pain, sciatica and arthritis

I am an eighty one year old great grandmother who has suffered lower back pain and latterly arthritis and weeping eyes.  A few weeks ago, I had a very painful sciatic nerve.  A friend suggested trying acupuncture, as I was having trouble walking.  After two weeks treatment from Szenan Phua I am now free of pain and I can walk freely again.  I would recommend treatment by Szenan Phua for any health problems. 

Alice R

There were some study showed acupuncture is more effective than western medical treatment.

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Acupuncture Relieves Lower Back Pain Better Than Traditional Treatments (Studies in the USA)

GERAC study in low back pain (Studies in the Germany)

Acupuncture best way to treat back pain, study finds

Acupuncture beats aspirin

We help you to get off painkillers, because we realize painkillers can cause serious side effects such as stroke, heart attack, addiction, organ failure and death.

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