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Acupuncture, Acupressure, Chinese Massage Use for Lower Back and Sciatica at Centre of Balance Hamilton

Discover How We Could Help Your Lower back Pain & Sciatic Pain

Discover How You Can Get Instant Relief From Our Treatment at Centre of Balance Hamilton

In my experience, most lower back pain and sciatica problems are pretty easy to fix.   Just about all lower back and sciatica patients experience immediate results when I treat them.  In about 1% of cases, lower back pain and sciatica can be very difficult to deal with.  The difficult ones often involve stress fracture (emotional issue). 

Treating lower back pain and sciatica has become a large part of my daily life.  My treatment includes acupuncture, acupressure (unique acu-point technique), Chinese massage and Japanese taping.  I expect to see immediate results (this is my goal) in the first treatment for lower back pain and sciatica.  Results are defined as a reduction in lower back pain or sciatic pain and/or an increase in mobility of lower back and legs, such as lifting the leg up, bending forwards and backwards.

If my treatment doesn’t produce the expected result, or the pain returns for unexplained reasons, it is important that the patient has more scientific testing such as X-ray, MRI or CAT scan to rule out anything other than just a muscle imbalance problem. 

An X-ray, MRI or CAT scan might find out more about the cause of lower back pain and sciatica.  My treatment plan may change according to the report of X-ray, MRI or CAT scan.

A study was done by Scott D. Boden at the George Washington Hospital Medical Centre in 1990.  This study showed that there are people walking around with age related degeneration of the disc, or disc bulges, and even herniations according to MRI and CAT scans, but they have never suffered from any back pain.  This is the reason why I always tell my patients do not just believe what you see with your eyes (X-ray or MRI or CAT scan result), you may be pain free with full mobility, but X-ray, MRI or CAT scan may still show bad issues, such as disc bulges or herniations.

I often find that the cause of lower back pain and sciatica comes from another area, away from where the pain is.  It can be from the muscles being tight or in spasm in the neck, upper back, buttock, thigh or calf.  Once unique acu-point technique is applied on those tight muscles away from pain area, those muscles will become relaxed and softer.  Lower back pain and sciatica will be relieved as soon as those muscles are relaxed.

I often use acupressure points on the opposite side of the body from the pain area before other treatments.  Patients often feel pain relief within 1 or 2 minutes, sometimes even becoming pain free, as well as feeling a warm sensation around the pain area (this is Qi and Blood circulating to the blockage meridian according to Chinese medicine theory).  I always hear patients say: “How amazing!”, or “How bizarre, you took the pain away just like that!”, after I apply this instant pain relief technique.  Actually, this is just the start of the treatment.  Unique acu-point will sort out the tight muscles on both sides of spine and back, and acupuncture will increase or move Qi and Blood to balance muscles and also help with other issues such as stress fracture or Kidney deficiency (one of the common causes of lower back pain and sciatica).

Most practitioners and specialists only focus on the pain area, and forget to look at the big picture of the human body.  These experts apply the same “look where it hurts” philosophy to most pain, and only apply their treatment to where it hurts.  This is why people continue to suffer from lower back pain and sciatica unnecessarily for months or even years, until they become so reliant on painkillers because they haven’t found any relief that they eventually agree to have surgery or give up searching for a natural solution. 

I hope that people who suffer from lower back pain and sciatica will keep searching for a natural solution to fix the problem.  I have to tell you that you should give up pain killers.  You will not die because of the pain, but you will die from the Liver damage or Kidney damage caused by pain killers.  I believe there is a way to fix the pain, a way that your GP doesn’t know about properly yet. 

If you are suffering from lower back pain or sciatica, you may want to look for an acupuncturist nearby. 

Here is my tip for you, when you are looking for an acupuncturist you should look for one who practices Dr Tan balance method acupuncture. Whoever practices Dr Tan balance method acupuncture has the ability to give you immediate results in your first visit.  If you can see the results in your first treatment, you should keep up with the treatments until you are free from lower back pain and sciatic pain.

You might want to ask me how long it will take to end your back pain or sciatica.

Unfortunately, I have no idea, as everyone is unique and every case is very different. I only can tell you to stick with it until you get all better, if you can see the results in your first treatment.

I apply Dr Tan balance method acupuncture, unique acu-point technique and heat pack on unique acu-point areas ( you should apply heat pack as often as you can on acu-point areas everyday at home).  I have found that these combinations are better than only applying acupuncture. These combinations will give you immediate results in your first treatment or I’ll give you your money back.

Your Acupuncture Pain Relief Sevice is Guaranteed! 

We Are Proud to Say That We Are The Only Acupuncture Clinic Offers No Risk Guarantee in Your First Visit in Hamilton, New Zealand. 


Szenan Phua

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