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We only Choose the Best Quality of Chinese Medicine (ShengFoong Brand from Taiwan) for Our Client.

Choosing a chinese herbal product is difficult - not all products are created equal. With the risks of heavy metals, pharmaceutical adulterants, microbial contamination and so much more, it is a very hard decision to make that requires alot of research. We've done that work for you. Here we present an analysis of the quality and safety issues along with information on Sheng Foong products which we stock. Ask your practitioner of TCM to supply you with Sheng Foong products from Balance Medical Supplies!

Herbal medicines which contain crude herb powder increase the risk of heavy metal and pesticide residues and bacterial contamination. Watch to find out how you can easily test your herbal powders at home to see whether they contain crude herb powder or not.

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Shengfoong Chinese website

Shengfoong Chinese website

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