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Acupuncture Fixed Low Back Pain in only 3 sessions

Discover How to We Fixed Mr Kim's Lower Back Pain in 3 Acupuncture sessions in Centre of Balance Hamilton


This video was taken a few years ago.  I remember that Mr Kim’s daughter called that morning and made Mr Kim an appointment.  Mr Kim works and lives in Cambridge. He broke his lower lumbar spine when he was working in Singapore 10 years ago, then he had lumbar spine fusion surgery.  He mentioned that he always had some pain in his lower back.


Unfortunately, he injured his lower back again at work.  The pain was so bad that he was unable to drive or work.  He was hardly able to walk, had to keep his lower back straight and couldn’t bend his back forwards or backwards.  On a scale of 1 to 10 the pain level was 10.


I got him to lay on the massage table and put some needles in his hands and feet like in the other video.  I always expect patients to say something like, “You are amazing, there is no pain in my lower back!”, or, “The pain is much better!” when I give them acupuncture on the right points.  I expect acupuncture to give my patient immediate results as soon as the acupuncture needle is applied on the acu-point.  Unfortunately, Mr Kim said the pain remained the same.  I rechecked which meridians were involved with his pain.  I was sure that I had chosen the right acupuncture points on his hands and feet.  I had no idea why those acupuncture points did not work for him at all.


Suddenly, I remembered there was a case study involving difficult lower back pain a few years ago in Taiwan.  The patient had very bad lower back pain due to abdominal surgery.  No one could fix it and even a high dosage of painkillers did not work for that patient.  In the end, she went out of hospital and went to one of the local clinics to see the experts in pain management.  That pain expert only gave her some massage on the scar on her abdomen caused by abdominal surgery.  She had instant pain relief from that scar massage without any treatment on her lower back.


I removed all the needles from Dr Kim’s hands and feet, then gave him acupuncture around his surgery scar to try to relax the scar tissue to help more circulation pass through that area.  Mr Kim reported he couldn’t felt any pain as soon as I inserted those needles around his scar.


When I removed the Acupuncture needles after 30 minutes, there was no pain in his lower back.  Back pain was instantly reduced from 10 to 0 on a scale of 0 to 10.  Mr Kim was able to walk out of my clinic without any help, and able to bend forwards and backwards without any pain.  Mr Kim was able to drive himself to his next 2 treatments.


Mr Kim did not have pain in the last 2 treatments when he visited me; he only felt stiffness in his lower back.  His lower back pain and stiff back were completely better after 3 acupuncture treatments.


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Szenan Phua

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