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Testimonial - Seccessfully Pregnant within 3 month of Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Treatments at Centre of Balance

Testimonial - Successfully Pregnant within 3 month of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Treatments at Centre of Balance

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It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Szenan Phua and associates at the Centre of Balance.


My husband and I tried for many years to fall pregnant with no luck.  We tried everything.  At first it was the timing and use of ovulation predictor kits, and then after a few years we moved on to the more serious action of employing fertility specialists. 


The fertility specialists gave us less than 3% chance of conceiving – I had severe endometriosis and my my husband had an extremely low sperm count with motility issues.  They said both were irreversible but that I would need surgery before I even had a chance of conceiving.  Over the course of a year and a half I had two very invasive surgeries.  After recovering from my last surgery we were able to try IVF.  Over the next eight months we underwent two courses of IVF.  Both were very painful both physically and emotionally and the cost was in excess of $20,000.  We still did not conceive and due to further issues they reduced our chances to 1%. 


We were heartbroken and had little hope left.  It was through a recommendation from a friend that we got in touch with Szenan to try acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine.  On my very first visit Szenan asked me questions about my ovulation that even the fertility specialists didn’t ask, and over several weeks came to a further diagnosis and plan to remedy.  My husband and I both had acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine herbs and I fell pregnant naturally within three months!!!


Szenan and his team were amazing and we are forever grateful for the gift that he gave us, there is no greater recommendation than the gift of life. 


Thank you Szenan and team from the bottom of our hearts,




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