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Not Sure How To Get Rid of Lower Back Pain?

Not sure how to get rid of lower back pain hamilton, New Zealand

Lower back pain is one of the most common health problems in the world. Each case is unique and the causes and symptoms are different for different people. We put a lot of stress on our backs and with many people having poor posture and high-intensity lifestyles it’s no surprise that back injuries are common. Lower back pain can be triggered by pregnancy, when there is increased pressure on the back. It is also common for lower back pain to be caused by injury, such as by lifting a heavy object. But it is just as common that people can end up with lower back pain simply through sitting for long periods of time. Maybe you have simply bent to pick up a pencil and on straightening have experienced severe lower back pain. However the pain is caused, it can make everyday activities difficult or impossible. Even sleeping may be difficult due to the inability to get into a comfortable position to sleep, and because of constant pain.

If you have been suffering from lower back pain for some time, you may have tried various therapies to try to relieve the pain. Maybe you have tried chiropractic, massage, physiotherapy or even acupuncture. Maybe you have tried several therapies and they may help to an extent, but you may be left feeling frustrated that nothing seems to relieve you of the pain completely. If this is the case, it’s time for you to try our highly successful acupuncture treatment (Yes, our acupuncture is different with other acupuncturist) at Centre of Balance in Hamilton.

At Centre of Balance, our qualified and experienced acupuncturists deal with a large number of lower back pain cases on a regular basis, with great success. We understand the importance of alleviating the symptoms of chronic lower back pain to ensure your comfort and wellbeing. We are so confident in our treatment that we offer a 100% money back guarantee that you will notice an improvement in your level of pain at your first treatment, or we won’t charge you for that treatment.

Making sure that you have a strong Qi and Blood flow throughout your body is very important. This helps to move oxygen around your body and gives you more vitality and strength. If you have a blockage in your meridians for delivering Qi throughout your body, then it’s more common that the aches will start and you will be unable to stop the back pain. Acupuncture can clear any blockages and restore the flow of Qi, thereby bringing pain relief and increased range of movement.

Our practitioners will show you pressure points that you can use at home to help manage and alleviate your back pain. We will show you how to apply heat packs to the right places and this will also help, and perhaps also some exercises to do at home. By following these recommendations, and coming to treatments regularly as advised by our practitioners, you can find relief from your back pain.

The longer you leave your back pain untreated, the worse it may become, and the harder to treat. So the sooner you call us on 07 8557115 NOW to book your first appointment, the faster we can help with your back pain.

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