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Acupuncture Treatment Cured Severe Acute Piriformis Syndrome within 4 sessions at Centre of Balance Hamilton, NZ

Let me give you some idea about Piriformis Syndrome and its symptoms before I tell you about this case study. According to the website of spine-health there is no simple diagnostic test for piriformis syndrome causing irritation of the sciatic nerve. The condition is primarily diagnosed on the basis of the patient’s symptoms and on a physical exam, and after excluding other possible causes of the patient’s pain.

Acupuncture Treatment for Piriformis Syndrome at Centre of Balance Hamilton, NZ

What are the symptoms of Piriformis Syndrome?

Most commonly, patients describe acute tenderness in the buttock and sciatica-like pain down the back of the thigh, calf and foot. Typical piriformis syndrome symptoms may include:

·      A dull ache in the buttock

·      Pain down the back of the thigh, calf and foot (sciatica)

·      Pain when walking up stairs or inclines

·      Increased pain after prolonged sitting

·      Reduced range of motion of the hip joint


Symptoms of piriformis syndrome often become worse after prolonged sitting, walking or running, and may feel better after lying down on the back.

When I saw Lesley on 11/09/2014, she was limping, was in a lot of pain and had a very sad look on her face. She complained of pain in the left buttock down to her left leg for the last 4 days.  The pain level was 6/10 when she was resting in a sitting position. The pain would build up to 10 as soon as she began to walk. She was on painkillers which had not helped at all in the last few days. She did not experience any numbness or tingling or pins and needles down to the left leg and toes. She could only walk for a few steps, then the pain would kick in within 10 steps and she would need to sit down and wait until the pain had subsided. She could not lay on her back at all and was only able to lay on her right side with an electric blanket for sleeping at night. She could not stand for longer than 5 minutes.

I examined her lower back and hip, then told her that her pain was not from her lower back so she didn’t need to worry about a lumbar herniated disc or lumbar slipped disc either. The pain was caused by the left piriformis muscle which is located in the buttock region.  This muscle was in spasm and causing pain in her left buttock. The piriformis muscle had also irritated the sciatic nerve and was causing the pain in her left thigh, calf and ankle.

At first, I thought this will be very easy to fix with Dr Tan’s Sancha Combo like other piriformis syndrome cases. I used the Sancha combo (only 7 acupuncture needles on the right hand), and immediately Lesley was able to walk around in the clinic for more than 100 steps without any pain in her left buttock or leg. Unfortunately, as soon as she stood still, she started to feel the pain again and the pain gradually built up to 6/10. The pain was very sharp, which means the blockage was very bad. I decided to apply bloodletting. I found a big bruised vein on Lesley’s left lower leg on the lateral side of the Stomach channel and Gall Bladder channel. I let some blood from those 2 veins. I also did bloodletting on the left buttock on the Gall Bladder channel. She walked without pain for about 2 minutes and she could even lay on her back without any pain. Lesley walked out of our clinic with a smile on her face, without limping and without any pain. Her only homework was to keep applying heat packs along the spine and both buttocks as often as she could at home.

My colleague Polly saw Lesley on 12/09/2014 and she reported that she had slept right through the night on her back, and could now stand and walk for longer periods. The pain was not as sharp after the first treatment, which meant I had unblocked the channel, and she only needed more blood flow on the meridians of the left buttock and left leg. Polly did Dr Tan’s Sancha combo on her right hand and Unique point massage on her lower back and left buttock.

Lesley received her third acupuncture treatment from Polly on 13/09/2014. She reported that she was getting much better, she could stand and walk even longer before she felt the pain. The pain was now mainly in her left knee. Polly applied the same treatment as the last time.

I re-assessed Lesley on 16/09/2014 and, as you can see on the video, she’s happy and reported that she is pain free and able to bend her back and lift up her leg freely.

Acupuncture can reduce piriformis syndrome very quickly. We fixed this case with only 4 acupuncture treatments.  We guarantee you will experience immediate pain relief in your first treatment or your money back. Call 07 855 7115 NOW or email us NOW to book an appointment with one of our pain experts at Centre of Balance Hamilton, NZ.

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We just received an email testimonial from Lesley. Here is what she said "I just received an email testimonial from Lesley. she said "I recently suffered my first sciatica episode the pain on a scale of 1 to 10 was 10+ I could not stand walk or lie down without experiencing the most severe pain in my hip, back and right down my left leg.

Pain at a level I have never experienced before!

On the advice of a work colleague I went to Centre of Balance in Dinsdale and was treated by Szenan phua.

The first acupuncture session gave me relief and after 4 sessions I am pain free and fully mobile again!!

I cannot thank SZenan enough and happily recommend him to any one suffering  pain. 

Lesley Soper"  

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