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Instantly reduce severe acute sciatic pain/sciatica by acupuncture and acupressure in one treatment, pain reduced from 7/10 down to 0/10. Centre of Balance Hamilton, NZ.

This video has 2 parts.  The first part (from 0 to 12:34) will show you how you can get your family member to instantly reduce your severe acute sciatic pain/sciatica through acupressure at home.  The second part (from 12:34 to 17:23) shows you how Dr Tan Balance Method acupuncture style could completely remove your sciatica.

Here I will tell you all about this case study.  A new patient’s partner called around 7.30am and asked for an appointment as soon as possible for her partner as he was in a lot of pain.  Fortunately, I had a spot at 8am and they are just 10 minute away from where we are at the Dinsdale shopping centre.

The patient walked in at 8am, limping and not even stand straight properly.  I could tell that he was in a lot of pain from his face.  The pain was in his right lower back and buttock and down his leg.  He had a lot of pain in his right groin and right knee.  He was not able to lay on his back or stomach, only able to lay on his left side.  He was not able to sleep at night and was taking strong painkillers without any results.

The pain was involved with all 6 foot meridians (Foot Taiyang Bladder meridian, Foot Yangming Stomach meridian, Foot Shaoyang Gall Bladder meridian, Foot Taiyin Spleen meridian, Foot Shaoyin Kidney meridian, Foot Jueyin Liver meridian).  I got the patient to sit on the chair as he couldn’t lie on his stomach.  Then I used a wooden acupressure tool to press on the left posterior shoulder area, which is the corresponding area used to treat the right buttock.

I learnt single point technique from Master Zhou’s book, who only applies acupressure to fix sciatica as well as many diseases.  I have used only one single acupressure point to fix many cases of sciatica in the past, when the pain only involved 1 or 2 meridians.

After treating the acupressure point on his left shoulder, he felt much less pain immediately.  He was able to lay on his back and stomach then.  Pain was reduced from 7/10 to 2/10 when standing and 4 or 5/10 when lifting up his right leg when laying down.

Severe acute sciatic pain was all gone after Sancha Combo acupuncture and 2 needles on left kidney meridian around ankle.

In this case I did not even needle or massage his right buttock or right lower back or right knee, but actually fixed his right lower back pain, right groin pain and right knee pain.

This following video was taking in the end of the third session. Patient is absolutely happy with the result that we were able to achieve from acupuncture treatment.  

How to apply ashi acupressure point to instantly reduce/fix sciatica at home.

If you suffer from sciatic pain in your left buttock (Bladder meridian) or side of buttock (Gall Bladder meridian), you need to find the ashi point (ashi point means the most sensitive point that you feel when you press on it) above the crease of the armpit of the posterior shoulder area.  Once you reach the ashi point, simply press it and hold it until the pain is gone.  Please note that you may find just one ashi point or many ashi points (like in this case) around posterior shoulder area.  Give them all a good press, then I guarantee you should get immediate relief from sciatic pain. 

If you are not too sure how to apply this technique, please watch the following video from 2:07 to 6:05 and from 7:50 to 11:00 again and again until you understand how to apply this technique.


I suggest you apply pressure every 2 hours or more often if you suffer from severe sciatica, as well as applying a hot wheat pack along your spine from upper back down to lower back and buttocks as often as you can.  You need to apply a cold pack on the painful area in the first 24 hours after the injury, then heat pack as often as possible after that.  For chronic sciatica, the longer you keep heat pack on those areas that I mentioned, the better. 


What can you do if it does not work for you?

This should give you immediate relief if you press on the right points.  If you are not able to get any immediate relief using this technique, I suggest you look for an acupuncturist who practices Dr Tan Balance Method Acupuncture style to help you. In some severe cases, these pressure points would not work at all, therefore you may need  bloodletting or acupuncture treatment or Chinese medicine. 

If you are living in Hamilton, NZ and you suffer from severe acute sciatic pain/sciatica, we will apply acupuncture, acupressure or Unique JiaJi points technique to instantly reduce your sciatic pain in your first visit or we will give you your money back.  We guarantee that if you don’t see any results in your first treatment session, we won’t charge you anything at all.  Call 07 855 7115 NOW or email us NOW to book an appointment.


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