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Acupuncture treatment fixed calf pain/calf sprain within 3 sessions in Centre of Balance, Hamilton, New Zealand

CAlf pain, Hamilton, NZ

This is a video to show you that we don't just treat back pain. Acupuncture is able to treat any pain and any sport injuries. This case study is about how acupuncture could fixed calf pain/calf sprain within 3 sessions.

Ray had slight pain in his left calf when walking and running.

Ray had been running 4km every 2 days to stay fit. Unfortunately he hurt his left calf while running. I fixed his leg without putting any needles in his left calf.

He mentioned that the pain was bad enough to stop him from finishing his run and he had to hold back his speed in the video.

I got him to stand up and walk around to try out whether there was any pain in his calf. He reported that there was just a bit of pain, pain level 2/10.

I inserted 2 acupuncture needles on his right arm (according to Dr Tan Balance Method Acupuncture) and got him to run around my clinic again to try out whether there was any pain during acupuncture. He reported "It seems to be alright".

That's it. This is how fast acupuncture can relieve calf pain (any pain really).

Ray only received 3 acupuncture treatments from me.

In the second acupuncture treatment, he reported that there was no pain in his left calf while walking and he just felt tightness in his left calf when walking sometimes. He had not started running again yet. He also mentioned that he had tightness in his left buttock whenever he ran. I applied unique acupressure points on his lumbar spine to locate the most tender spots. Then I asked him to put a heat pack on his lower back on those unique acupressure points, (not where he felt the tightness in the left buttock everyday).

After his third acupuncture treatment, he reported he went for a 2km run without any pain, tightness, stiffness on his left buttock or left calf. He was happy that I not only treated his calf, but also fixed his tight muscles in his left buttock.



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