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Acupuncture-Chronic Lower Back Pain Fixed Within 3 Session-Centre of Balance-Hamilton-New Zealand

Daniel Cooper came to me to treat his back on 22/4/14.  He had been suffering from pain since 2010.  Daniel had been looking for a solution to fix his chronic low back pain ever since he injured his low back.  He had tried physiotherapy, chiropractic, and painkillers, but nothing had helped.  Finally he found our website via google search and saw that we offer a 100% money back guarantee for pain relief and decided to give us a try.  I applied acupuncture and fixed his chronic lower back pain within 3 sessions.


When I saw him the first time the pain was very sharp.  He was limping due to his back pain, and was hardly able to move side to side.  Due to this pain he was away from work for one year.


The pain level was 6-7/10 on the day of the first treatment.  I applied pressure on a few points and his pain was relieved by 50% within 5 minutes.  I inserted needles in his right hand and within 2 minutes he was telling me that he had no back pain at all, his pain level was 0/10.  So his pain had reduced from 6-7/10 to 0/10 in just a few minutes.


I gave him a second treatment two days after the first.  I did acupuncture on the same place and he has had no pain since the second treatment.  See what he has to say at his third treatment when he gave a testimonial to Szenan.


As you can see in the video above we never insert acupuncture needles on the painful area.  We only insert needles on distal areas and this instantly reduces back pain within a couple of minutes, then finally fixes chronic constant back pain.  I hope this video, “Acupuncture - Chronic Lower Back Pain Fixed Within 3 sessions – Hamilton, New Zealand”, has proved to you that acupuncture is able to fix your chronic back pain.  We promise that any of our pain relief treatments will give you immediate results.  We guarantee that if you don’t see any results in your first treatment session, we won’t charge you anything at all.  Call 07 855 7115 NOW or email us NOW to book an appointment.


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