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How Proper Acupuncture Treatment Reduces Chironic Low Back Pain

How Proper Acupuncture Treatment Reduces Chronic Low Back Pain

Low Back Pain

There is little doubt in the scientific community that proper acupuncture treatment will significantly reduce the chronic low back pain that a great many people will suffer from in their lifetimes.

How Proper Acupuncture Compares to Sham Treatment

There have been many studies that have validated the effectiveness of proper acupuncture treatments to relieve chronic low back pain. One of the concerns that some have expressed is whether acupuncture works because of the treatment itself or the very idea that it will relieve the pain. The power of belief is such that many types of sham treatments may be perceived to work on relieving pain. Therefore to study the true effects of acupuncture a study was created that took into account sham treatments and their potential effect.

This study lasted three months and consisted of 130 adults from the ages of 18 up to 65 years old. They received real acupuncture treatments or sham treatments twice a week for a period that lasted more than six weeks. The treatments were scored on a scale that included the intensity of the pain, the overall health status of the patient and any secondary outcomes from the treatments as prescribed. The adults involved in the study were divided into two separate groups with one receiving the real acupuncture treatment while the other only had the sham treatments.

The Results of the Study

The results of the study were fascinating in that the initial observations of each group showed no difference except in one indicator. However, when it came to the long term freedom from the chronic low back pain the results were significantly different as the group that experienced the actual acupuncture treatment enjoyed far less pain and discomfort over time.

This randomized trial strongly suggests that real acupuncture treatment does have a powerful effect on the body that goes beyond the belief system in the mind. The sham treatments may have had an initial effect, but the long term result was really no improvement at all in the pain that they had felt while the group that experienced the real acupuncture treatment did enjoy the results.

While the belief system is certainly powerful, it can only go so far in terms of bringing relief to people who are suffering from chronic pain in their low back area. Proper acupuncture treatment offers real, sustainable results that have helped people around the world in handling the pain and discomfort that comes from chronic pain in the back.

Centre of Balance Hamilton Acupuncture Treatment

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