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What Causes Acute Sharp Lower Back Pain?

What Causes Acute Sharp Lower Back Pain? Hamilton, New Zealand

Acute sharp lower back pain can be a debilitating form of pain that can make life pretty miserable until you find a way to deal with it. The pain can be so intense that everyday activities such as walking, sitting and sleeping present great difficulty, and your normal leisure activities and work may be almost impossible when the pain is acute. If you are looking for a way to help resolve this acute sharp back pain then your best bet is to see a qualified acupuncturist.  A combination of acupuncture treatments, application of heat packs, rest and gentle exercise is the best treatment plan for acute sharp lower back pain.  At Centre of Balance in Hamilton, we have had a lot of success in treating patients for this condition, so much so that we now offer a 100% money back guarantee that you will experience a reduction in pain and/or increased range of movement after your first treatment or we won’t charge you for that treatment.

Acute sharp lower back pain is very common in modern society, as many of us spend a lot of time sitting in chairs or with poor posture. We tend to lead sedentary lifestyles and poor nutrition, obesity and lack of exercise are common, and are all contributing factors in increasing the risk of back pain. Even for those who lead healthy lives, with good nutrition and regular exercise, back pain is common.  Our backs work hard to support our bodies, and accidents are common.  Anything from sporting injuries, to heavy lifting, to bending to pick up a pen can trigger acute lower back pain.  Pregnancy increases the weight that the back carries and may trigger an episode of back pain.  Carrying small children may also cause back pain, especially as we tend to carry children on one hip which throws the back out of alignment so that something small such as bending to pick up a small object may cause severe back pain.

Back pain may even be caused by the way that you sleep or walk, and the resulting lower back pain may last for many years if you never do anything about it. Seeking help quickly will help you to get the best results in treating your acute lower back pain.  The sooner you receive acupuncture treatment the sooner you will find relief from the pain.  Our practitioners at Centre of Balance will write a unique treatment plan for you so that you can help your recovery at home as well as coming to the clinic for treatment. The last thing that you want to do with sharp lower back pain is ignore it - negligence will only make it worse.

If you want to stay fit and healthy then you do need to do something to help deal with your sharp lower back pain.  Whatever the cause of your back pain, ring us at Centre of Balance on 07 855 7115 NOW or email us NOW to make an appointment.

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