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Acupuncture cured groin pain, hip pain after running in 3 treatments at Centre of Balance, Hamilton, NZ

Christiaan plays rugby at school and he had been suffering from right side groin, hip pain and similar to sciatica condition after running for about a year when he came to see me.  He had tried physiotherapy previously, which did help his groin and hip pain initially when he injured himself twelve months earlier.  When his physiotherapist could not make any more progress, Christiaan started to search for other sport injury treatments on google and came across our website at   I happened to be the one who picked up the phone when he called and I remember that he was very concerned about whether we would be able to help him at all.  I was very confident and told him that he would get immediate results in his first treatment, and that we have a money back guarantee for this.  That helped him to decide to make his first appointment with me.


In his first visit, as seen in the video above, he could not feel the pain in his right groin and right hip, he could only feel tingling when he pressed on his right upper thigh.  He did mention that he did not normally feel pain, unless he started to train.  I asked him to go for a run and it did trigger the pain in his right groin, pain level was 3 out of 10.  I did Dr Tan’s Sancha combo on his left hand and within a minute he felt no pain and no tingling when pressing on his upper right thigh.  He could not even feel the pain when he tried to sit-up with acupuncture.

I got him to lie on his back and simply lift his right leg up and down during the acupuncture treatment.


After 5 minutes, he told me that he felt pain on his right groin and right hip again.  It was very bad, 8 on a scale of 0 to 10.  I realized that this was not a simple case that acupuncture could deal with.  There might be an issue from lower back muscles and tendons.  Then I started to apply Unique JiaJi points technique on his lower back.  I found that from L1 to L4 of Jiaji points were very tight.  I applied my elbow on those JiaJi points and relieved them.  After only 2 or 3 minutes, he experienced pain reduction from 8/10 down to 2/10.


He actually felt pain free after the second time of Unique JiaJi point technique.  Unfortunately, I ran out of batteries and was not able to film the results in the end.



I treated Christiaan in his first acupuncture treatment, then after that he received 2 more acupuncture treatments and Unique JiaJi technique for his groin pain and hip pain after running.  He reported full recovery after 3 sessions of treatment. We guarantee instant pain relief in your first treatment or your money back. Call 07 855 7115 NOW or email us if you are looking for any pain relief or sport injury treatment. 

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Relief from Constant Lower Back Pain

acupuncture for constant lower back pain, Hamilton, NZ

Most people experience some level of pain or discomfort in their joints at some point in their life. If you were to take a poll of all of those people and ask them where that pain was experienced, you would find that the lower back would be high on the list. It isn’t really a major surprise that the lower back causes some problems, as it is responsible for bearing much of the weight that we carry on our body. If you are in job that is physical or requires you to be on your feet for extended periods of time, you can bet that your lower back will start to feel the effect of the constant pressure it is being ask to carry.

When this happens, you may find that constant lower back pain becomes a real problem. No amount of painkillers or visits to the chiropractor will be able to help, as that pain will bury deep into your lower back and set up home there. When the pain you are feeling becomes constant, it can have an incredibly negative effect on other parts of your life. You will be unable to enjoy the same level of mobility that you did before, which can affect your job and your social life.

People who suffer from constant lower back pain often find it impossible to ever feel as though they are comfortable. The simplest of movements can result in a new wave of pain that can end up becoming debilitating. Being unable to move for fear of causing more pain leads to a sedentary lifestyle that can have you gaining weight and getting out of shape very quickly. That in turn leads to a poor body image that leaves many people feeling depressed. All of this negativity can quickly come to light when constant back pain takes a hold.

If you are currently suffering from constant back pain, you may have the feeling that this is something that you are just going to have to learn to live with for the rest of your life. What if we told you that you could get relief from that pain in just a matter of minutes? That may sound impossible, but a visit to Centre of Balance in Hamilton can make that dream come absolutely true. The back pain experts there are so confident they can help that they offer a money back guarantee if you don’t see results* (decrease in pain or increase in mobility) during your first treatment.

These results are derived from Dr. Tan’s Balance Method, which uses the ancient healing arts of acupuncture and acupressure to help alleviate your pain. This is a form of treatment that has been around for centuries, and which has survived because of how effective it is in clearing up back pain. Even if that pain is constant, you may well be able to experience complete relief after just a couple of visits to Centre of Balance in Hamilton. If you have been suffering from back pain and have been unable to get relief, why not try the Balance Method where guaranteed results await? Please call 07 855 7115 NOW to make an appointment or email us.

 *results is defined as a reduction in pain or increase in mobility.  Your condition may not be completely resolved in one or two visits.

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Dr Tan Balance Acupuncture Method instant relief 4 years of knee pain at Hamilton, New Zealand

Acupuncture instant relief achilles tendon pain in Centre of Balance, Hamilton, New Zealand

Chirag has recently treated a patient who had Achilles tendon pain for the previous 3 or 4 months. The patient has been to a massage therapist and a physiotherapist.  The physiotherapist gave the patient acupuncture on and around the Achilles tendon, on the painful area.  But the pain persisted.

The pain was in the right side Achilles and originated through a running injury.  The Achilles pain was worst while walking on a treadmill and was causing the patient to limp while walking.  The pain level was 5/10 on resting and worse after walking or doing activities.

Chirag applied Dr Tan’s Balance Acupuncture Method on his left hand, and the patient experienced immediate relief of the pain in right side Achilles.  The patient could then walk easily without any pain or limping after his first treatment. 

If you suffer from any pain and if you have been on painkillers for many years and nothing seems to help, call 07 855 7115 to book yourself a FREE pre-assessment appointment NOW. We will let you know whether we can help you in your pre-assessment appointment. If we are sure that we can take care of your pain then we will book you another appointment for your treatment.  We guarantee you will experience improvement in your level of pain in your first treatment or we will give you your money back. Call 07 855 7115 NOW.

Szenan Phua 24/08/2014


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