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Dr Tan Balance Method Acupuncture – Magical 12 (Joint Balance) to Treat Arthritis  Pain, Hamilton, New Zealand.

Dr Tan Balance Method Acupuncture – Magical 12 (Joint Balance) to Treat Arthritis Pain.

Patient suffers from arthritis for more than 3 years, pain in finger joints, elbow joints, hip joints, knee joints, shoulder, ankle and lower back. Dr Tan magical 12 is the great method for multiple joints pain, it always immediate pain relief with only 12 little acupuncture needles on 12 meridian in 4 different area. She stopped all her pain killers ever since her first treatment. 

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This is her firth treatment today, patient reported that she only felt a bit of tightness in the left hip, I applied 3 little needles on her right shoulder and asked her to moved her left leg, she told me that the tightness was gone and i carried on the rest of the 9 needles on different area of the joint to balance all the other joints even she was not feeling any pain on the other joints. 

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The great thing about Dr Tan Balance Method Acupuncture is I don’t need to place any acupuncture needle on the painful joint or use up 100+ needles to target the pain. 12 needles balance all the joints. Very easy and very effective. 

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譚無邊老師magical 12和臍針治療已經患病三年多的關節炎,指指關節疼痛,肘關節疼痛,髖關節疼痛,腰痛,膝關節疼痛,肩痛,踝關節疼痛,臨床很常見的多關節疼痛,只要12根細針,疼痛立竿見影的消失,她停了所有的止痛藥。今天第五次治療,病人說只有左髖關節有點緊,馬上下針在右肩關節的三條經,左髖關節怎麼活動都不緊了。就是這麼快的效果哦。magical 12對多關節疼痛立竿見影,只要12根針就可以治療所有關節的疼痛。不需要把針下在疼痛處。我整理了譚無邊老師初級班的部分針法資料,如果你想要的話,請發我的郵箱, 另外谭无边老师在8月20日到23日到北京開課,想要參加課程的,可以跟我拿報名表格喔,直接发我的邮箱, 同时可以加我的微信 centreofbalance。

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