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Acupuncture Fixed Lower Back Pain in 2 Treatments at Centre of Balance Hamilton

Patty is 70+ now, he is still active everyday, he was 100% better in his second treatment.

When i saw him in his first visit, He complainted pain was sharp and constant, no pain down to leg and no numbness. You can see that when  he felt the pain and it's pretty bad when he was standing up from sitting position and very difficult to lift his buttock up while laying on his back in the second video. 

After i inserted few needles on the left hand, he reported, "75% of pain was gone".

Then some more needles on the right hand, he reported " no pain ", pain only present when he lifted his bottom up. 

Pain reduced from 11/10 to 2/10 in his first treatment of acupuncture. 

I gave him second treatment on the next day, I did acupuncture on the same place and no pain since the second treatment. He gave me a testimonial after his third session with Polly.  He was actually all better after second treatment.

As you can see in the video, we never massage or acupuncture the pain area, we always put acupuncture needle on the distant points and fix lower back pain. We promise that any of our pain relief treatment will give you immediate results, we guarantee if you don't see any results in your first session, we won't charge you any cent at all.

Szenan Phua

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