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Lower back pain could be benefit from bloodletting with acupuncture 

             Great TCM method of bloodletting to treat lower back pain.

Cupping bloodletting treat lower back pain in Centre of Balance Hamilton NZ

I want to introduce the great method of bloodletting to instantly relieve lower back pain in this case study. This lower back pain case was very successfully treated with acupuncture in the first 2 sessions by my colleague, but the third acupuncture treatment was not as successful, and we had to look at other treatments.  The patient had suffered from lower back pain for 4 years. His wife walked past our clinic and saw “100% money back guarantee for back pain and sciatica”.  She walked in and straight away booked and paid for an appointment.


First treatment 20/08/2014.

The patient had his first back injury four years ago, and has had pain in the lower back on and off since then.  He injured his back a second time two and a half years ago and the pain has been getting worse and worse in the past two years.  The pain is mainly in the right side of the lower back, right side of hip and tail bone.  The pain level is 6/10 at worst, with a burning sensation down into the legs.  The pain is worse when driving, playing golf, standing and changing positions.   He had tried physiotherapy and recently had 14 chiropractor treatments with not much improvement.  He also complained of tightness in the upper back and a bit of soreness in the neck for the last 3 months.   At the first treatment my colleague used acupuncture to balance the Qi and Blood flowing on the lower back through needling the hand according to Dr Tan’s balance acupuncture method.  She applied acupressure to points on the back and instructed the patient to use heat packs on his back at home as much as possible.  The outcome of this first treatment was immediate pain relief.


Second treatment 22/08/2014.

The patient reported that the pain came back about 2 hours after the first acupuncture treatment, but not as bad, pain level was 4/10.  My colleague applied the same treatment as last time and as soon as the needles were inserted the patient reported no pain in the lower back.


Third treatment 28/08/2014.

The second treatment went very well and he had no pain until this morning when he woke up with lower back pain.  The pain level was 6-7/10 and it was constant, mainly in the right lower back and right hip.

The same treatment as last time was applied but it did not work as well as the last 2 sessions with the patient reporting just a bit of relief.  My colleague called me to have a look at this case.  I reviewed the past 2 treatments, discussed with my colleague and then we decided to apply needles to the ashi point on the left scapula area and it worked perfectly, taking away the pain in the right hip.


Unfortunately the patient felt pain back to 6-7/10 again as soon as we took out all the needles. I asked him to lay on his stomach and I re-examined his lower back. I realised there were 2 bruises on the middle and right side of his lower back. I said, “Yes, I know what happened,” and I smiled.  We have been trying to balance the Qi and Blood flowing on the lower back through needling the hand according to Dr Tan’s balance acupuncture method, but the bigger issue was that there was a blockage (bruises) on the back that wouldn’t let the blood flow well in those areas. 

Bruised vein on the right lower back.

tom's case bruise vein shows on left isde of lower back with pain 1


Bruises vein on the mid lower back.

tom's case bruise vein shows on lower back with pain

I used bloodletting needle pins on those 2 big bruised veins and did cupping on them.  The patient told me he had no pain after the bloodletting from his lower back and he could even bend over easily without any pain to put his socks and shoes back on again, which he could not do that morning.

Bloodletting on right lower back.

Tom's lower back pain case while bloodletting on right lower back in Centre of Balance, Hamilton, NZ 1

Check it out where is the bruised vein on right side of lower back after cupping with bloodletting.

Tom's lower back pain case after bloodletting in Centre of Balance, Hamilton, NZ

Bloodletting on mid lower back.

Tom's case bloodletting and acupuncture treatment for lower back pain in Centre of Balance, Hamilton, NZ

Check it out where is the bruised vein on mid lower back after cupping with bloodletting.

Tom's lower back pain case after bloodletting in Centre of Balance, Hamilton, NZ 1

4th treatment 02/08/2014.

Patient reported there was only a bit of pain in the lower back sometimes, 1/10. He told me that the bloodletting had made a big different.  He could bending over easily, as a driver he could now drives from 430am to 3pm without complaining severe pain in his lower back. He felt some pain and tight in the right knee (which he has not been complaining about this since his first treatment.)

I always learn something from each back pain case. This case showed that constant lower back pain can be very difficult to deal with.  We have to think outside the box when the usual sancha or linggu combination of needles are not working. It is very important to check whether there are any bruised veins on the lower back pain area and weizhong point area.  If there are any big bruised veins, always treat by bloodletting those veins and then treat with acupuncture afterward.  

Szenan Phua 02/08/2014

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