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What Causes Sharp Lower Back Pain?

What Causes Sharp Lower Back Pain? Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand

Sharp lower back pain is one of the most common forms of physical illness, and can be incredibly debilitating. Because the pain can last all day without ever really stopping and regardless of which way you sit or lie down, the pain can really stop you from fully enjoying life.

When you are suffering from back problems, your best bet for dealing with them is to go and see a medical professional who can take a genuine look and come up with a legitimate, professional diagnosis and treatment plan for you. However, it can be tempting to just carry on as best you can, enduring the pain.  Unfortunately this is likely to make your back worse. One of the biggest reasons that people suffer from sharp lower back pain is because of negligence. The pain may start off not being too bad, but if nothing is done about it, it is more likely to get worse rather than better.

There are many things that may cause sharp lower back pain.  Poor posture can be a cause in itself, along with lifestyle factors such as obesity, lack of exercise, and living a mostly sedentary life.  Truck drivers, for example, may suffer from lower back pain caused by having to sit for long periods of time every day. To have a strong, pain free back, we need proper exercise and nutrition, but even with these things in place many people end up with sharp lower back pain.

Accidents and injuries of all kinds can cause sharp lower back pain.  It may be something as simple and bending over to pick up a pencil and standing up in a way that causes something to pinch, therefore causing pain.  The back may have been out of alignment without the person realising, and this simple action triggers the onset of sharp pain.  Sporting injuries can often cause lower back pain, as can lifting heavy objects, or lifting any object in an awkward manner, maybe without the proper attention to posture and correct lifting.

Pregnancy may be another cause of sharp back pain, just because there is extra weight being carried on the front of the body all the time.  Carrying small children may also set off back pain, especially as we tend to carry children on one hip which throws everything out of alignment.

If you are looking for ways to deal with sharp lower back pain then you will typically find the same solutions offered to you like painkillers or in severe cases surgery. If you want to get a long-term solution that causes no harm and helps correct the actual cause of the pain, then acupuncture is the way to go.  At Centre of Balance in Hamilton, we offer a 100% money back guarantee that you will have decreased pain and/or increased range of movement after your first treatment or we won’t charge you for that treatment

Nothing is worse than trying to deal with lower back pain, especially when the cause is something innocent like bending over too quickly and causing irreversible damage from doing so. If you want to get rid of your sharp lower back pain and avoid suffering from chronic lower back pain, then call us on 07 855 7115 NOW or email us NOW at Centre of Balance to make an appointment.

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