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Cure Lower Back Pain and Get Back to Yoga Quickly

Cure Lower Back Pain and Get Back to Yoga Quickly

Back Pain with Yoga

Lower back pain is a common condition, and it can happen to anyone. There can be any number of reasons for lower back pain. It can be due to an accident or injury.  It can be caused by straining the muscles through heavy lifting.  It can be caused by ongoing bad posture and a sedentary lifestyle.

The practice of yoga can help prevent lower back pain through strengthening and stretching the lower back.  However, sometimes even with the practice of yoga you may find yourself with a sore back, maybe even too sore to practice yoga, and that can be upsetting and frustrating.

At Centre of Balance in Hamilton, we provide fast, effective treatment of lower back pain that will enable you to return to yoga quickly.  We have a lot of experience in effectively treating lower back pain and are so confident of our treatment that we offer a 100% money back guarantee for your first treatment.  You will experience decreased pain and/or increased mobility in your first treatment or we will give you your money back. 

We have had great success with our unique combination of treatments.  We use acupuncture, unique acupressure massage on specific points, along with the application of heat packs to specific points.  This combination has given many patients who have suffered from chronic back pain, fast results.  Patients who have come into the clinic unable to bend backwards or forwards, unable to walk, drive or work, have left our clinic after only a small number of treatments, able to return to their normal lifestyles.  If you are suffering from back pain, and are unable to practice yoga as you normally would, our treatment can help you to get rid of your back pain and get back to your normal yoga practice as soon as possible.

There have been many studies carried out on the effectiveness of acupuncture in treating back pain.  A systematic review of trials of acupuncture was carried out and published in the Annals of the Royal College of Surgeons Engl. Oct 2010; 92(7): 595–598.  The conclusion that this review came to was that “These trials suggest acupuncture can be superior to usual care in treating chronic low back pain.”  Go to this website to see the full review:

To view videos and testimonials from patients who have personally experienced amazing results from treatment at Centre of Balance in Hamilton, go to our Back Pain & Sciatica page NOW.


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