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Case Study: Hip Pain - Acupuncture Helped Patient Avoid Hip Replacement, Centre of Balance Hamilton, NZ.

Discover How Acupuncture cures hip pain and patient avoids hip replacement! Guarantee to fix your hip pain or you money back.

Kim injured his lower back again recently. He went to see one of our local Chinese acupuncturists in Hamilton East, because he could not book an appointment with us as we were fully booked. He had 2 treatments with the acupuncturist and felt that the result was not too good. He called us and wanted to see me to fix his lower back pain, because he was very good and without any pain ever since his last treatment here 3 years ago.

In his first treatment on 22/08/2014, he complained of pain in the right side of his lower back which was getting better after 2 sessions of acupuncture with the first Chinese acupuncturist in Hamilton East.  He also mentioned that he has had pain in his right hip for 18 months and the specialist suggested that he get a hip replacement. The acupuncture treatment (with cupping and needles on his right low back where the pain was) helped the pain in his back, but the hip pain remained the same.

 This is Kim's first treatment video:

I examined his lower back and right hip according to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), then I told Kim that I could treat his hip pain as well as his lower back pain, and that he would not need to have a hip replacement. I realise that there are a lot of hip problems and back problems that don’t need an operation, but lots of people have surgery because of severe pain, X-ray and MRI. 

I only inserted 4 acupuncture needles on Kim’s left hand without doing any treatment on his right hip and right lower back. He reported no more pain in his right hip and back as soon as all the needles went in. I did some bloodletting on some of the bruised veins on his right lower back and buttock, these were the blockages that were decreasing the bloodflow to the area.

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In his second treatment on 26/08/2014, Kim reported that the pain came back after he worked extremely hard yesterday. I choosed YuanLiZhen to loosened up the tendon around his right hip to increase the circulation to the area and help it heel. 

The following picture shows YuanLiZhen, very different with other acupuncture needle that you have seen in most of the acupuncture clinic. The only acupuncture needle that able to loosen tight tendon around hip joint. YuanLiZhen is one type of the Nine Needle from HuangDiNeiJing (also known as the Inner Canon of Huangdi or Yellow Emperor's Inner Canon).



In his third session on 28/08/2014, Kim reported that he no longer suffered from any pain in his lower back and right hip, he only felt tight in his right hip at the end of the day after work. I loosened up the tendon in the right groin, applied Dr Tan Balance Method acupuncture and did acupuncture on Kim’s left shoulder (ashi point on Sj, SI meridian). Please note that needling the left shoulder was for the tightness in the right hip, nothing to do with his shoulder as he never complained of any shoulder issue.

I took this video in the sixth session. Kim's going to tell you how he felt with his treatment and this following video shows (begin from 2:00)  how to applied Dr Tan Balance Method acupuncture on left shoulder to treat right hip pain.

Kim has been great, without any pain or tightness after his fourth session of acupuncture treatment. I only applied Dr Tan Balance Method acupuncture on his left shoulder from the fourth session to sixth session. I also showed him how to practice HongYuanGong (a type of Qi Gong) every day at home.


This is just one of my hip pain cases, I have been successful helping some patients to avoid hip replacement and get back to thier normal pain free lives.



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