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Dr Tan Balance Method Acupuncture & Navel Acupuncture treatment for Acid Reflux, Lower Back Pain, Motion Sickness and Stenum Pain.

This video was recorded in Donna’s 6th acupuncture treatment. I mainly applied Dr Tan Magical 4 for this case. Before I introduce this case study, I would like you to know that if you are an acupuncturist: Please take action NOW to subscribe to my Youtube Channel of  Dr Tan Balance Method Acupuncture Technique" (I have few different channels, make sure you subscribe to the right one), so that you won’t miss out my next video, I will upload more video in future to share everything I know with you. Thanks. :) From Szenan



Let’s review her conditions: She suffered from motion sickness ever since she was 5 years old. Which mean she can’t travel for long distant. Any trip longer than 60 minutes will make her sick and vomit. She also felt sick and vomit with busy traffics even though she just traveled from home to work                                                             less than 30 minutes.

She also suffered from acid reflux with heartburn from upper abdominal up to throat ever since high school (about 10 years).

Heartburn happened average 3 time weekly, trigger by stress, hot spicy food, lemon, oranges, fizzy drinks.

Pain in the middle chest bone (sternum) and the upper middle spine for a year and a half. She felt it everyday and GP thought that was caused by poor posture. Woke up every night and went for night urine once. Felt tired when woke up in the morning. Pain in lower back everyday.

Nausea with headache during period and it was getting worse over last year.

TCM examination

Tongue: Teeth marks on tongue and black mark in the tip of the tongue.

Pulse : weak.

Diagnosis and Treatment:

TCM diagnosis: Sick meridian: Kd, St, Du


Ashi point on Du meridian of head.

Dr Tan Balance  Method Acupuncture: Dr Tan Magical 4 - image format. YinTang, Ear ShenMen, AnMian.

Navel acupuncture: Kan Gua, Li Gua, Kun Gua, Gen Gua (sometimes)

Exercise at home: PingshuiGong everyday

Acupressure points: HeGu, NeiGuan, ZuSanLi

Avoid: hot spicy food, lemon, oranges, fizzy drinks for 3 months.


After Treatment:

She traveled from Hamilton to Auckland (it’s about 90 minutes one way) twice after 3 acupuncture treatments and reported she did not get any vomit and just a bit of discomfort in the throat, not even nausea.

No back pain and no sternum pain after 2 acupuncture treatments. Very good energy ever since the first acupuncture.

Sleeping right through the night and no heartburn ever since the first acupuncture treatment. She only felt discomfort on the throat if she got hungry.

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