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Treating Persistent Lower Back Pain and Recurrent Lower Back Pain in Hamilton, NZ

If you have not been given the correct lower back pain treatments previously, you may end up suffering from persistent lower back pain or recurrent lower back pain.  Your previous lower back pain will often still subside eventually, but more due to the body’s ability to compensate for the imbalances, rather than the real cause of the problem being addressed and corrected.  This is why, when I’m treating a back pain patient, in the process of fixing their current back pain I often find the cause of a prior problem they had that has since settled down, buried beneath layers of compensations.

Treating Persistent Lower Back Pain and Recurrent Lower Back Pain in Hamilton, NZ

I am often able to tell, via my unique JiaJi pressure points examination, that my patient had a shoulder injury or a calf injury, or some other injury a long time ago.  They have often forgotten about this previous injury until I remind them in my clinic, and invariably it’s that old injury that is the underlying cause of the new problem they have.

The reason that a secondary injury comes as a result of an original injury not being fixed properly is because when a pain goes away due to time and compensations it leaves an area with poor circulation and a restricted range of movement that eventually becomes weak.

This muscle tension and weakness can spread and cause other areas to compensate and be overloaded, resulting in the secondary pain or injury.

When it comes to back pain, circulation is the king.  Good circulation can prevent recurrent lower back pain, as well as quickly relieving persistent lower back pain.  By rebalancing the muscle system via unique JiaJi pressure points technique and restoring circulation to the problem areas, Dr Tan Balance Method Acupuncture and Unique JiaJi pressure points technique help to restore the body’s ability to reverse the tissue deterioration.  

It is through correcting these mechanical problems in the body and restoring balance to the whole group of back muscles that Unique JiaJi pressure points technique with heat bags proves to be so effective at removing lower back pain and restoring natural lower back range of movement.  Until your body is in this state you are unable to feel or function at your best, regardless of whatever else you do.

After our lower back pain treatments you should feel light, energized and more balanced, especially if you were out of balance to start with and we were successful at correcting that.

You may also feel a little light headed and washed out and perhaps sore in some of the unique JiaJi pressure points we had to work firmly during the treatment, but that should only be for an hour or two, or at worst up to two days on the weaker bodies.  It is possible that they could react a lot worse than that but only if there are extenuating circumstances, such as if you are very weak or you really overwork them by trying to do too much too quickly.  In very weak cases, I normally prescribe some ginseng with some warm tonic Chinese Medicine to build up your body.

Your back pain treatments normally start with 3 sessions weekly for the first 2 weeks, then continue with 2 sessions weekly afterwards.

If you have pain (normally on the JiaJi spots that we worked on) or problems within a few days of your treatment you should just have a hot bath or put hot wheat bags along the spine and rest more to give the treatment a chance to settle down and work for them.  The heat will increase the circulation and remove coldness on the points and muscles. It is important that you pay extra attention to keeping good posture at all times and do your lower back exercises if you have been advised to do them.

Again, everyone is different, and if you are concerned about your pain you should call us immediately on 07 855 7115.

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Treating persistent lower back pain and recurrent lower back pain does require time and effort.  We guarantee you will experience immediate reduction in pain or increase in mobility in your first visit, or we won’t charge you. Call 07 855 7115 NOW or email us NOW to book an appointment with one of our pain expert team in Centre of Balance Hamilton, NZ.

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