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Testimonial-Rheumatoid Arthritic Knee Pain Successfully Treated Using Acupuncture at Centre of Balance Hamilton

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In May 2014, I made an appointment with the Centre of Balance, Dinsdale to have acupuncture on my right knee.  I had been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2013.  I was referred to a specialist, had a MRI scan and given strong painkillers to cope with the pain. The specialist recommended that I come back when the painkillers no longer worked and I would then be eligible for a knee replacement.

I must admit that I went into shock for quite a few months.  I read everything I could find out about Arthritis.  The diagnosis was not good.  The painkillers made my mind very blurred and the pain was still there.  The Dr said I could go on stronger painkillers, however I couldn't fully function on the dose I was given let alone go higher. I began to favour my right knee and my whole stance was changing.  Life was not great and my little part time job even seemed in jeopardy.  

Early this year I was contacted by a friend who had Arthritis in his feet.  He mentioned the Centre of Balance and his great success with acupuncture. I had never read or heard anything about acupuncture for Arthritis.  I subsequently made an appointment and the result was outstanding.

On my first visit I saw Szenan and within 30 minutes he freed me of any pain.  I was able to walk properly.  It felt like a miracle.  Subsequently over the next 3-4 months I saw Chirag up to 3 times per week.  I valued his opinion regarding Arthritis and my ongoing treatment. At present I am in remission and it feels wonderful to be out and about walking my dogs again.

Chirag is a very kind, professional and considerate professional. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him to anyone with Arthritis.  I am one of the lucky ones who found the Centre of Balance and got my mobility back. 

All the best for your wonderful career Chirag.


Jan Hammington

Hamilton NZ

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