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Share: Dr Pan's Zhen Ling Pulse Acupuncture to Get Head Sores all better within 4 days 

I took this following image from wechat group of ZhenLing. One of the Chinese acupuncturist post a case study of how he’s got head sores all better for his patient after attended 3 days of Dr Pan’s ZhenLing pulse acupuncture workshop in ShenZhen. This is a very interesting case as head sores normally heal between 2 weeks and a month or it takes even more times to heal. In this case, the patient suffered pain from head sores as you could see in the image below. Patient received ZhenLing pulse acupuncture and had no pain in the 1st session and head sores started to heal in 2nd acupuncture treatment, finally he’s got all better within 4 days. 

Pulse Acupuncture to treat Head sores 1

Pulse acupuncture to treat head sores 2

Master XiaoChuan Pan has agreed me to share his power point presentation and MP3 of his seminar from wechat group to you. If you would like to receive one of the copy from me. Please click one of the list below to sign up then I will send it to you in the next couple days. 

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