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Share: Dr Pan's ZhenLing Pulse Acupuncture to Instant Relief L) Body Numbness and Tingling in One Treatment.

Acupuncture instant relief numbness and tingling in left body in 5 minute

(针灸五分钟立竿见影消除左半身麻木 。中文解说和图片请点击这里

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Female pt, morning visit, L) body numb and tingling, from L) head, neck down to L) body, L) hand and L) leg. Pulse: L) chi MingMen too strong, tonify R) DaLing and L) WaiGuan according to ZhenLing pulse acu.

Results: L) chi = R) chi. Instant relief numbness and tingling in L) hand, L) leg and L) body. L) head and neck got better within 5 minutes. 

ZhenLing pulse acupuncture instant relief numbness and tingling on L)

Second treatment
: patient told there was no numbness and tingling after the first acupuncture treatment, she felt puffy and swollen on the L) gum and L) neck on LI and St meridian. Pulse diagnose was R) guan Lv to strong, I reduced L) Dadun (Lv1) and tonify R) Zuqiaoyin (GB44), then check her both guan pulse and both guan pulses are balance, she told me that the swollen and puffy sensation on the L) gum and neck were gone. I came back to check with her in 20 minutes, she reported the sensation on the gum and neck was back again, I took her pulse again and found out the both chi pulse were a bit of imbalance, L) chi Mingmen pulse a bit weaker than R) chi Kd.

Both chi pulses are balance again and the L) gum and L) neck swollen sensation were instant relief after I did tonify R) Neiguan (Pc6) and L) Waiguan (SJ4).

Results: Immediate relief the L) gum and L) neck swollen sensation

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