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The Best Daily Exercise-Ping Shuai Gong Exercise

PingShuaiGong is very easy to learn and practise. It increases your body circulation and maintain your health.

Who can practise this exercise?

Everyone can practise PingShuaiGong. 

How long and how many time should I practise PingShuaiGong exercise daily?

10 minutes daily. If you are overweight and would like to lose weight, please begin with 10 minutes daily in the first week, increse to 20 minutes in second week, and then increase to 30 minutes daily in third week. Then continue to practise this for 30 minutes everyday.

"When you have total control of yourself, you will discover you will have a better and better control of things surrounding you. That is the secret that I've discovered. But when I lose control of everything surrounding me outside, ... I will first control myself" ~ Lee Fengsan Shifu

Ping Shuai Gong test starts from 2:44 to 3:30 minute.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that all illnesses result from the blocking of qi. The key to long-term health therefore lies in enhancing the free circulation of qi to increase stability and peacefulness of mind. Master Lee Feng San has been promoting a basic Qigong exercise - Ping Shuai Gong.It is easy to learn and will produce quickly visible benefits, including improvement in bodily circulation, balance, detoxification and replenishment. 

Master Lee teaching (must watch)

It is believed that daily practice of this exercise will produce lifelong health benefits. For everyone who wants to have a better life and towards better health in body, mind and spirit.

Ping Shuai Gong is known to cure many ailments - skin rashes, high blood pressure, strokes, heart diseases, etc., including cancer with many reported successful cases in Taiwan.

Ping shuai gong is very simple but very useful.

First, relax and breathe smoothly. Feel your shoulders, keep them in balance. Standing with both legs apart at a width roughly equal to that of the shoulder, slowly raise your hands. Ping Shuai Gong  involves in moving both arms in parallel, swinging first to the front of the body until they are the same height as the shoulder, then swinging the arms back with a little effort until both arms are behind the body. On every fifth swing, the knee should slightly bend down and spring back quickly - once when the arms are swinging towards the back of body and another on the return swing to the front of body. Remember to stay relaxed. No matter to what extent you can swing your hands, just do it happily.

When you swing, don't let it go faster and faster. Keep a certain pace. If you do it faster and faster, you will feel agitated and the qi and blood flow will be disturbed. Keep a rhythm and inside and outside will be balanced.

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