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Success Case Study - Chinese Medicine for Urinary tract infection Treatment in Hamilton, New Zealand

Case Study – Urinary tract infection

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Patient: 19 year old female

Initial Consultation

Onset and Progression:

Urinary tract infection on and off for 5 months, has been seeing GP and taking drugs with no results.

Urinary urgency and frequency, burning sensation, clear urine, not bloated, taking antibiotics, no pain in the lower back.

Other symptoms:

Aversion/preference for heat/cold: normal

Sleep: wakes up to urinate 1 to 4 times a night

Thirst: drinks a lot of water

Appetite: normal

Bowel motions: once a day

Extremities: cold hands and feet

Perspiration: normal

Menstruation/discharge: on the pill, back pain during the first and second day of period, lasts 5 days, bright red blood.

TCM examination:

Tongue: Yellow coating

Pulse: Thready


Urinary tract infection, damp heat in the lower Jiao with Blood deficiency.

TCM treatment principle:

Clear heat in the lower Jiao


Ba Zheng San 2 Dang Gui Si Ni Tang 0.5, total 2.5tsp tid 7 days.

Follow up:

Urination is normal. Cough and sore throat, coughing up yellow mucous yesterday, but not today. No sweating, thirsty, appetite is fine. Cold hands and feet.

TCM examination:

Tongue: White coating

Pulse: Thready


1) Ma Xing Shi Gan Tang modified 2

2) Ba Zheng San 1 Dang Gui Si Ni Tang 2.1 Fu Ling 0.2 Sheng Jiang 0.2, total 2.5tsp tid 7 days.


Completely resolved.


This patient had urinary tract infections on and off for 5 months, she used antibiotics on and off with no results. Her symptoms were urinary urgency and frequency, burning sensation, even urinating in the night, plus yellow tongue. Ba Zheng San which can clear damp heat from the lower Jiao was the right formula for her, in spite of the fact that she had cold hands and feet. Her cold extremeties were caused by a Blood deficiency, Dang Gui Si Ni Tang is the right Classic formula for it, as it treats cold in the meridians with an underlying Blood deficiency.
By the second visit she had come down with a cold and the urinary tract infection was gone and she was sleeping right though the night. I prescribed Ma Xing Shi Gan Tang* according to her symptoms of cough and sore throat, coughing up yellow mucous, no perspiration, thirsty. I advised her to finish the cold formula and then carry on with the 2

She no longer showed any signs of urinary tract infection, but still had cold hands and feet, which indicated that the Blood deficiency was still there, so I reduced Ba Zhen San from 2tsp to 1tsp (not completely cutting it out at this early stage since she had such a history of recurring UTIs), and increased the dose of Dang Gui Si Ni Tang from 0.5tsp to 2.1tsp.


Most cases of urinary tract infection present with damp heat in the lower Jiao, but I have seen a lot of cases that are complicated by Blood deficiency. In these cases you must add some Blood tonics at the same time as clearing the damp heat of the lower Jiao, otherwise you will never fix the problem.

Urinary tract infections complicated by Blood deficiency may present with cold hands and feet (add Dang Gui Si Ni Tang) or bad cramps in the lower stomach with swollen legs (add Dang Gui Shao Yao San).

* Please note that we can’t use Ma Huang in New Zealand, so I use Fang Feng , Jing Jie and Fo Ping instead of Ma Huang. My Classic Formulas Master Hai Sha Ni taught me this substitution. My other Classic Formulas Master Song Jing Bian taught me to use Xiang Ru instead of Ma Huang . Old Chinese doctors called Xiang Ru “ the Ma Huang of summer season”.

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