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Vomit treatment at Centre of Balance Hamilton

Case Study of Chinese Medicine For Vomiting (Wulingsan Formula)

Vomit treatment at hamilton

Miss Meia Phua ( My baby girl), Female,  2 years 10 months


7am Vomitted this morning, just vomitted up water, could not see any food.  Head, body, hands and feet are very hot, looks very tired. 

Chinese herbal formula:  Wulingshan 0.5g  Xiaochaihutang 0.5g mix with 20ml warm water.

7:30am Vomit again. Only water.

Chinese herbal formula:  Wulingshan 1g take a little bit every 5 mins

8:30am Vomit again, not much and only water again.

10am very tired and had a sleep for 1 hour, vomit water at 10am. keep going with Wulingsan.

Poor little Meia, she has no energy all day, Wulingsan formula worked very well, she has no any vomit since 10am, but fever very bad, her body hot like fire. She asked for 2 peaces of peanut butter sandwich at around 7pm, i know she is almost getting better since she ask for food(For any common cold, if hungry feeling start which mean nearly finish ill). She had a story with Mama at about 9pm and went to bed at 9:30pm. Tracy told me that she has just a little of urine.

Vomiting water (or vomit whenever drinking water) and less urine(or even no urine at all) are the main condition for Wulingsan Formula.

I remember there was a case treating by Wulingsan formula 2 year ago. A little girl about 5 year old, came with her uncle and complaint that she vomit for a day and could not eat anything, even drinking a bit of water made her vomit. I prescribed Wulingsan in raw herb for 1 day and asked her to take it a little bit every 5 mins.

The next day they came  with smiling face and very happy that the little girl has not been vomited since taking the herb. They were amazed why water made her vomit and the herb i prescribed would made her vomit.

One of the Wulingsan formula shows “drink when thirst, but spit out with drink”(渴欲飲水,水入則吐者,名曰水逆,五苓散主之).


  1. 1)All the formulas above should prescribe by a Chinese herbal practitioner. 
  2. 2)I only use high quality ShengFoong herbal powder extract.
  3. 3)This case study’s page is sharing with all the Chinese herbalist who are interesting in Shanhanlun and Jinkuiyaolie. 

Szenan Phua   4/11/2011  11:27pm   at home

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