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Calcium supplements intake increase risk of heart attacks

Calcium supplements intake increase risk of heart attacks

Tens of millions of perimenopausal and post-menopausal women are convinced of one fact – taking calcium supplements could do a lot of good to them besides keeping conditions such as osteoporosis at bay.

However, recent studies rubbish this off saying that the calcium pills will do no good. No doubt the bone density does improve with calcium supplements intake but there is no guarantee of reduced risk of bone fractures or even death with intake of calcium supplements among the women.

Still horrifying is the recent findings that say the calcium supplements do not provide any benefit, but also impart risk of heart attacks by 30% among the users (although researchers are convinced that this do not apply to that calcium which is gotten from food that does only good).

Two clinical trials echoed same result: One done in 2006 and other done during 2008. Dr. Ian Reid et al., from the University of Auckland, New Zealand have studied results from 11 random trials (calcium supplements without vit D) which involved over 12,000 women.

Reid et al., have reported in BMJ that there was a 31% increase for heart attack risk. They further reported that though the increase in the risk is not much increased usage of calcium supplements hint at far more devastating effects among women. There is a thing to note here, that noone knows how these supplements increase the risk of heart attacks.

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