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Children's Tuina Massage

Remedial Chinese Massage Hamilton

Chinese Massage is one of the great treatment of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It has been using for 5000 thousand years. It can help boost immunity, reduce stress, reduce pain and tightness in the muscles.

Children's Tuina Massage

Children's tuina is commonly used in the treatment of constipation, diarrhoea, poor appetite/growth, bed-wetting, torticulosis, short-sightedness, coughs and colds etc.

Children's tuina has the advantage of being drug free.  According to chinese medicine, there is a very delicate balance in a child's body. If proper care is not taken, they can easily become deficient or suffer from excess.  Many of the children I treated in Shanghai were suffering from symptoms of imbalance brought on by the use of antibiotics, such as chronic diarrhoea and it was ideal to be able to treat this without further medication. 

Most tuina is carried out on the childs hands/arms and tummy.  It is light and painless.  However, parents should be aware that the child may cry anyway at first, simply because they are being touched by a person they do not know.  Normally after a few sessions this stops and they are quite happy.  The treatment can generally be carried out with the child on mummy or daddy's lap, which brings a feeling of security and comfort to the child too.

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