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Fertility and Preconception Massage

Fertility and Preconception Massage

Ideal for anyone planning to fall pregnant,

as well as for those facing challenges

with their fertility, a course of Fertility

Massage can help get your body into

optimal condition before conception.


A popular alternative for those with an

aversion to acupuncture needles, a

Fertility Massage can achieve many

similar benefits by stimulating the

same points on the body.  It can be

used in addition to acupuncture and

chinese herbal medicine and is safe

to continue during fertility treatment

(such as IVF).


What does a Fertility Massage Involve?

Chinese physician Polly Mitrakul does a full initial consultation with you to assess your own particular challenges, tailoring a course of massage unique to you.  (The points massaged will also vary depending on where you are in your menstrual cycle.)


Expertly massaging with just the right pressure, Polly works your body from bottom to top to release pressure and encourage the flow of Qi (energy).  By stimulating blood flow and getting the body into a harmonious state the chances of a successful pregnancy may be enhanced.

Trying to become pregnant can often be a stressful time, so relaxation is a vital part of the Fertility Massage.  Clients often drift off to sleep thanks to a combination of fragrant essential oils, soothing music and Polly’s deft touch.  Upon awakening, they report feeling a deep sense of calm and renewed energy.  More than simply a wonderful side effect of the Fertility Massage, deep relaxation can also aid fertility.  A 2011 report in the journal Fertility and Sterility looked at the effects of stress on the fertility of 274 women and found that ‘stress significantly reduced the probability of conception each day during the fertile window’[1]


How many sessions of Fertility Massage should I have?


Every woman is different, but it is recommended that Fertility Massage be started three months out from planned conception date.  For preconception treatments (to get in tip top shape before conceiving) fertility massage is excellent alone, for those with fertility issues Polly may recommend using it in conjunction with chinese herbal medicine. 


Massages available with Polly include: Relaxation, Chinese immune supporting massage (with walking cup), fertility and preconception massage

Polly Mitrakul

Chinese physician Polly Mitrakul has been working

in NZ for the past 6 months after spending more than three years working at Chandrakasem Rajabhat

University as an instructor and practitioner of Chinese medicine.  During this time she also held a post as advisor to the Chinese Medical Association of Thailand. 

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Fertility and Preconception Massage

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