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Western Medicine believes that gallstones are from excess cholesterol in the bile juices. They believe that if the bile is overloaded with cholesterol, a tiny particle can form and will gradually grow as more material solidifies around it creating a stone. Diagnosing a gallstone with Western Medicine requires ultrasound scanning equipment, or by having the patient injected with a dye so the problem can be seen on x-ray.

Treatment methods include using shock-wave treatment to shatter the stones, or surgery to remove the gallbladder. In some mild cases, medication is prescribed to dissolve only the small and noncalcified stones, however the drugs take several years to dissolve the stones fully and must be taken for the rest of the patient's life to prevent further stones. Unfortunately, after the gallbladder is removed, the original pain remains, and since the original problem was never taken care of, patients develop excruciating pains from newly formed liver stones.

Traditional Chinese Medicine understands the complete function of the gallbladder and thus, can successfully treat and eliminate gallstones. Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that the gallbladder contains fluid provided from the bladder, and that the force to cause the gallbladder to release stored bile comes from the heart. When there is insufficient fluid in the bile mixture, the bile becomes very thick and hardens, resulting in stones. Traditional Chinese Medicine uses body signs to accurately diagnose and confirm any existence of gallstones, big or small.

Traditional Chinese Medicine uses herbs and acupuncture to stimulate the body to eliminate gallstones, while improving the heart, liver, bladder, and small intestine function so stones do not recur.

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