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Good Health Questionnaire of Chinese Medical  

Good Health Questionnaire  of Chinese Medical 

   Have you been told by a Western Science Medical Doctor that you are healthy or normal, but you know you aren't? The problem may be that by many MD's criteria, if your laboratory tests come back within normal limits then you are normal, even if you don't feel good and know that something is wrong. People spend a lot of time and money trying to find a MD to diagnose them. They will travel from doctor to doctor until finding a doctor to tell them that yes, you are sick. For some conditions new diseases are named because so many people are suffering from similar problems without distinctive laboratory test results. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is recognized now as a condition. Thirty years ago, this condition was not listed as a disease. Traditional Chinese Medical Healers do not rely on disease names or laboratory tests to tell us if you are unhealthy. We can tell by examination. A Traditional Chinese Medical examination consists of Questioning, Pulse taking and visual inspection of tongue and eyes. The results of the examination tell us what is going on in your body and we use this information to prescribe Acupuncture, Herbal formulas, lifestyle changes and exercises. If you have been told by a practitioner that you are healthy, take our simple Good Health Quiz to see if we would agree. Our belief is that you have to know what is good health in order to recognize when a patient is not in balance and needs treatment.

  1. 1.Do you sleep right though the night?  Yes   or   No
  2. 2.Do you have a normal appetite? (food tastes good, you don’t overeat, you get hungry)  Yes   or   No
  3. 3.Do you have a bowel motion every day at the same time?  Yes   or   No
  4. 4.Do you urinate 5-7 times a day without pain or difficulty?  Yes   or   No
  5. 5.Do you have warm feet and hands and a cool face?  Yes   or   No
  6. 6.Do you sweat during normal exertion and not otherwise? Yes   or   No
  7. 7.Do you wake with an erection ( penile if male, breast nipple if female). Yes   or   No
  8. 8.Are you relatively pain free? Yes   or   No
  9. 9.Do you feel that your energy levels are acceptable?  Yes   or   No

If you are able to answer Yes to all the above questions, then you are in good health. If you answered No any of the above questions, you could benefit from a more detailed examination from a Traditional Chinese Health Practitioner. Contact us now or call 07-846 7994 and book an appointment now with our Genuine Traditional Chinese practitioner.

Copied from Ni’s Acupuncture website

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