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Massage helps in skin condition like Eczema in Hamilton 

Massage helps in skin condition like Eczema in Hamilton

By Chirag Sojitra 28/06/2012

Massage is used to treat a range of ailments and conditions, including eczema. Though there are conventional medical treatments for skin conditions such as eczema, there is a growing trend for alternative, non-medical therapies, which typically have fewer side effects.

Massage Therapy:

Massage is the physical manipulation of the muscles and tissues of the body, and is an ancient healing therapy utilized by many cultures around the world. There is a range of different types of massage techniques, which range from gentle stroking to more vigorous deep tissue treatments. Massage has a number of benefits including aiding relaxation, releasing tight muscles and improving circulation. There are a number of different types of massage, or massage techniques, including:

  1. Aromatherapy – this technique uses essential oils for reduced friction and therapeutic effect
  2. Deep tissue massage – a massage targeting the deep tissue and muscle for maximum relief
  3. Reflexology – massage and pressure point activation using the foot to target the whole body
  4. Shiatsu massage – a massage that utilizes rhythmic finger techniques
  5. Sport massage –  used to treat damaged muscle and tissue or to aid warm up before exercise
  6. Swedish massage – gentle technique utilizing massage oil.


Eczema is a skin condition characterized by irritated dry, itching and red skin that can affect any part of the body.  Though there is no obvious cause, it is thought to be triggered by a range of factors, including:

  1. Allergens, with food such as nuts thought to be a factor
  2. Environmental irritants, such as pet hair, dust mites and chemicals
  3. Bacteria
  4. Diet; and
  5. Stress 


There are two types of eczema, namely atopic dermatitis and contact dermatitis, with the former mostly affecting children.  Some people are thought to be more genetically predisposed. Conventional treatments include creams, oral antihistamines and corticosteroids.  

How massage helps in Skin Condition:

Our skin, being the largest sensory organ comes in so much contact with everything around us! This leaves us susceptible to germs, illness, and diseases. Massage can also give you healthy, vibrant skin! Improved elasticity of skin can take years off, leaving you looking and feeling great.

Massage is a great stress reliever, and it also helps to stimulate circulation, with trials indicating that ongoing massage therapy can help to reduce the impact of eczema. 

Other benefits of massage to your skin:

  1. Massage helps to reduce tension in the skin and adjoining tissues as well as increasing its circulation and improve its nutrition.
  2. Massage can help to re-moisturize, and soften dry skin
  3. Increases seburn (natural oils produced by your skin) production, helping improve your skins suppleness.
  4. Massage helps your skin foster resistance to infection.
  5. Increases nutrition to the cells in the skin and encourages cell regeneration
  6. Massage increases production of sweat from sweat glands, helping to excrete urea and waste products through the skin.
  7. Dilation of surface capillaries, which improves skin’s color and tone.
  8. Massage assists in improved skin gland production
  9. Superficial scar tissue is reduced
  10.   Realigns scar tissue after surgery

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