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Migraine/headache treatment Hamilton

Do You Suffer From Migraine/Headache?

Say GoodBye to Migraine/Headache

100% Money Back Guarantee*

Call 07-855 7115 NOW

Migraine and headache treatment only available at Centre of Balance-Hamilton,Waikato, NZ

To anyone seeking relief from Migraine and Headache- look no further!  

Have you got “migraine” “headache”? 

After visiting Centre of Balance and using our

specialty treatment of  Chinese medicine and

Acupuncture, patients who previously suffered

migraine and headache said

“Its great without migraine” and “I haven’t had any

migraine since taking Chinese Medicine”.

We understand that you might still worry about

whether it will really work for you. 

Here is our promise to you:  If you don’t see any results* by the time  you

walk out of our clinic on the first visit, we will give your money back. That is how confident we are!!

*results is defined as a reduction in pain or increase in mobility - your condition may not be completely resolved in one or two visits.

Call 07 855 7115 now or email usto book you an appoitment today. 

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