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More Than 10 Good Reasons You Should Come Visit Us

Welcome to Centre of Balance-Acupuncture-Chinese medicine clinic-Hamilton. 

At Centre of Balance, we use Traditional Chinese treatment methods (acupuncture, acupressure and herbs) to brigng relief from a wide variety of complaints.

We don't just "treat the head if the head hurts and treat the foot if the foot hurts".  We put great emphasis on getting to the root of the problem, rather than simply treating the external manifestations of  that problem, the  symptoms.

Once we treat the internal imbalance which is at the root of the problem and harmony is restored to the body, the many and varied  manifestations of that imbalance can then naturally subside.

10 good reasons to come see us:

1. 100% money back guarantee: We proud to say that we are the Only First clinic guarantee our work in Hamilton, NZ. The remarkable Dr Tan's Balance Method Acupuncture and unique point technique massage will bring you immediate relief or your money back or book you a FREE next appointment with senior practitional.

2. We The Pain Expert: Does not matter what kind of pain(chornic pain, accute pain, arthritis pain, back pain, sciatic pain, knee pain, neck pain, headache, abdominal pain, ribs pain, chest pain ect…) you have, we are able to give you instant relief in your fisrt treatment or your money back. 

3. Your health is our number one priority.

4. We treat the root of the disease not just the symptoms.

5. We have an unshakeable belief in the ability of Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat all conditions.

6. Our herbal formulas are tailor made to suit your individual constitution.

7. Great health news letter: we provide you with free advice on avoiding disease and maintaining good health.

8. Montly Lucky Draw: When you become our patient, you will automatic be in to our montly luckly draw of free 45 minute massage and $20 meal voucher of Blissful vegan takeaways in TeRapa. 

9. Our acupuncturist continuously undertake professional development courses. We pride ourselves on using clinically proven, evidence-based treatment treachiques whenever possible. Our acupuncturists regularly review the latest medical research to keep our knowlegge up-to-date. So you can be sure we are not going to waste yoiur time on threatments that don't work.

10. You will receive a email reminder service 24 hour before your appointment so that you won't miss your acupuncture or massage or herbal consultation appointment.

11. We use hands-on manual therapy techniques. You can be assured that the treatment sessions are very much one-on-one. We strongly believe in the value of patient-therapist interaction and every care will be taken to address your needs in the most effective way possible;

12. Our treatment sessions are last for 60 minutes long. You will be provided with plenty of information about your health issue. You can also ask as many questions as you like;

13. If you are looking for Acupuncturist in Hamilton- look no further. We are very conveniently located in Dinsdales mall, behind Subway and Dinsdale pharmacy, same side on the end of pharmacy.

14. There is plenty of parking space available. Disability access is available. 

 Call 07 855 7115 now or email us to book you an appoitment today. 

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